Shard of Ice


My heart is cosmically big. But for all the trouble, the scars on my soul, the untold grief, this has caused me — I’d still go through it all again, rather than find I have a shard of ice, in place of a heart.

Even ice cubes
are going to melt
Your heart,
on the other hand,
is frozen for all of eternity
What a pity!
Même les glaçons
finissent par fondre
Ton cœur,
par contre,
est gelé
pour toute l’éternité
Quelle pitié!

*New Year Day Hangover Writing, for what it’s worth*

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34 thoughts on “Shard of Ice

    1. Ha! You know what? You’re right! This was inspired by my mother, who in her usual fashion, voiced her disappointment about me and my life on NYD. But the words came in English first, not pretty but that’s how I felt (how I always feel with her) at the time. Then the words popped up in French and I added them because they do sound better 😉


      1. Oh, that’s fine. As far as my mother is concerned, I should never have come into existence, as she’s told me me pretty much my whole life, so NYD was nothing unusual. Things are as they are and you have to live with them 🙂 (I don’t want to sound all negative and depressing in the first few days of 2016)


      2. You are absolutely right, but I have accepted this state of things now. (When I say I’ve accepted it, it really just means that I’ve learnt to live with it, I don’t believe anybody can ever truly accept it)

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  1. Some fantastic New Year’s Eve hangover writing. I couldn’t string a sentence together on a hangover… which reminds me.. I’ve still got mine. 😦 3 day hangovers shouldn’t be allowed.


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      1. Oh gosh, I had NO idea, I haven’t seen anything of yours pop up on my reader!! I’m definitely on my way over now for Champagne 😉 (is it any wonder your hangovers last 3 days if you’re still drinking now? Lol)
        And giving up the booze? Are you mad? There’s never a time to give up the booze, what we need to do as we get older is be very selective and choose good quality alcohol rather than cheap plonk 😉

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    1. Aw, thank you! Yes, accents make everything prettier, or so I’m told every time I speak English lol Personally I wish I could manage to get rid of my accent but I just can’t :-/
      Thank you, I think you’re fabulous too Ms Writer Twin 😉 ❤

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