Cruel January

Bowie Rickman

When the euphoria of December
is over
the harsh reality of winter
with its merciless cold
hits us
right where it hurts
That’s when January
comes in,
it takes David Bowie
and leaves behind an army
of people reminiscing
weeping, wondering
where their memories
will nestle now

Before we can recover,
January takes another

This morning
when I opened my eyes
the bright beautiful light
was quite a sight
cruel and white
a thorn in my side
January has really fucked up
this time
I don’t like waking up
in a world without Alan Rickman

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46 thoughts on “Cruel January

    1. January *has* been quite unforgiving so far. “Whoever” runs that show, I hope they realise it’s enough now.
      Yes, this is my cryptic “makes no real sense” comment of the day πŸ˜‰


    1. How right you are Natascha! He was a fantastic actor. For me, my ultimate favourite role of his will always be Colonel brandon in Sense and Sensibility, but I loved each and every one of his performances ❀

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  1. Probably something that impressed me about both of them is that they suffered in silence. They didn’t tweet or Instagram photos of their illness. No complaining. No whining. Nowadays a famous pregnant person uses the media to bitch about weight gain for example. I admire these men. They lived and left us with great memories. ❀

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    1. That’s because they were both actual, *real* stars, they didn’t need to court fame like so many shallow “celebrities”
      *cough, Kardashians, cough*
      They were people who were in it for the art, not the fame. They will be sorely missed.

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  2. A lovely poem with a sentiment we surely all agree with! Two huge losses for the world, and so soon after December knocked us back with the death of Lemmy from Motorhead…not a good start to the year at all!

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  3. Paraphrasing a song by U2 called `Some days are better than othersΒ΄… IΒ΄d say `some months are better than othersΒ΄… RIP David Bowie and thanks for your tribute here… you have an extraordinary ability, which is to write poetry no matter which subject is concerned. Bisous. Aquileana πŸ’«

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  4. Oh, what a sad introduction to the new year! These gifted and loved artist taken so young. Lovey tribute Purple,
    may they live on in their music and our memory.

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  5. :/ Hmm an interesting comment thread. I’m afraid I have problems giving God like status to celebrities because as we’ve seen recently celebs invariably let us down! Bowie had sexual relationships with two girls under the age of 16, statutory rape under American Law, paedophilia have you will. However one of the girls considered losing her virginity to Bowie as an honour, so I ask is he a disgusting pervert? Yet another powerful male celeb using his privileged position to take advantage of children? Or are some human beings that talented rules and morality just don’t apply and his raping children is acceptable? Hmm an interesting conundrum.


    1. On reflection my thinking aloud on your blog was unacceptable, my apologies just to say I enjoy and always have enjoyed your writing πŸ™‚


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