The wind cannot defeat a tree with strong roots


Glacial land, magnificent
and supremely indifferent
Beauty and cruelty
closely intertwined
The horror and the sublime
To human woes, nature is blind

The frozen river
a two-way mirror
where fate awaits —
a frightful fork
in the frigid road:
embracing death
or gathering the strength
to live another day
The purest of emotions — love —
so easily tainted by ugliness,
a savage quest for revenge
on those who have taken
everything that was worth
drawing breath for

Life wins, albeit
sustained by somber shades
At the heart of the tempest,
in adversity, the eternal verity:
the wind cannot defeat
a tree with strong roots

Those of you who have seen “The Revenant” will know that the title, and indeed the last two lines of this little write-up belong to the film. Those lines have been with me since I left the cinema late Sunday night, and they (along with this magnificent film) were the inspiration for this post. If you haven’t seen The Revenant yet, I highly recommend it. The directing and photography are akin to visual poetry, for a start. The acting is spot on. It’s incredibly poignant and…it’s life…with all its beauty and misery.The Revenant

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65 thoughts on “The wind cannot defeat a tree with strong roots

      1. I went to see the film last night and I’m unsure about it. I enjoyed it but was hoping for more, which sounds bizarre given all that went on. It felt like it should have been called The Endurance.

        His story was one long painful, grueling fight, both emotionally and physically. If it hadn’t been inspired by true events, I’d have said it wasn’t for me. I didn’t feel I came away knowing much about anyone. I knew a shopping list of events that happened to the main character ‘Hugh Glass’ but didn’t really know him, other than he seemed to be a good man, determined to survive, driven by revenge/love…maybe that’s enough?

        It had all the things I like, lots of grit and realism, very well acted but it didn’t give enough depth of character to the people for me. I can’t explain what it is I’m not sure about.

        It was a wilderness action movie done brilliantly but it didn’t really spark any connection to his character for me. I guess I must add, I love wordy, emotional/relationship type, character based films best and this was never billed as that.

        My favourite films being the following (I’ll only add a couple of links cause I think WordPress might flag it as spam if I add more:

        The 1988 film Dangerous Liaisons:

        The 1992 film Damage

        Going back to the film, I think I’d have liked to have known more about his relationship with his wife. Yeah, I think I’d have liked to have seen a bit more of that side to his life as a starting point. Maybe I’m just a soppy sort 😀

        Again…..hmmmmm. Maybe I should watch it again?

        Now I’ve seen the film your poem is perfect and beautifully portrays this part of his life.


      2. Ok, I found it! I didn’t realise I have that many comments in the spam folder, not all of them spam either!
        Anyway, yes, I get what you are saying, we don’t know very much about him, he speaks very little throughout the film (for obvious reasons mainly), I also felt like I would have wanted to know more about his wife and the child, how they met, etc…
        I’m a big fan of character driven films, I like to get to know the protagonists and to understand their motivations, liking them is obviously a plus. For all those reasons, I shouldn’t have liked The Revenant as much as I did, but at the risk of repeating myself, I “put up” with some things I wasn’t that keen on in this film because it was so gorgeously shot…lots of scenes, nothing happened at all, but it was so beautiful to look at that I didn’t mind even though I usually would have…I said this film was like visual poetry for me, and it was…I was content to just look at the scenery for most of the time…I hope that makes sense to you because I’m not explaining it that well. As for your links, I loved Dangerous Liaisons, but Damage not so much…I’m quite eclectic in my film tastes… I am a big fan of the Coen Brothers…I like comedy, I like drama, I like things that leave you pondering, deep kind of things I guess …

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      3. I totally agree, the films backdrop was dramatic, harsh and beautiful and I did like lots of things about it, just not as much as I wanted to. I think I’d built it up in my mind and was desperate to see it, that’s always a surefire way to set myself up for disappointment.

        Your poetry is very good and I find myself coming back to read it for inspiration. I don’t tend to comment on many blogs, but really like your work and feel comfortable enough to talk on here. Thank you for that xx

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      4. I know what you mean, too much hype is a killer. I am usually disappointed when I’ve heard lots of good things about a book or film and read/see it expecting to love it before I’ve even started.
        That is such a nice thing to say, I’m so glad you feel like that, I’m honoured actually…really, you’ve made my day, thank you! 😊 xx

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      5. You’re more than qualified.

        As for what I had in mind….I’m not sure. I’ve just seen a few being run on WordPress and another group I use to write on.

        I believe the idea is, you find an image or piece of music or a title etc and ask people to write something using your prompt. It doesn’t have to be a competition and it’s usually only a few people that will submit anything, but it helps motivate and inspire people to write and interact.

        I won’t be offended if you don’t fancy it, or if you’re up to your eyes in other stuff, sweetheart.


      6. It is an idea, I may do something like that next week, the next few days are packed. If I do go through with this, I’m expecting your participation. Actually, scratch that, not expecting it, demanding it! Lol

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      7. It wouldn’t have been my first choice of image prompt but I thought I’d try something out of my comfort zone. My piece is pretty devoid of emotion because I didn’t really click with the image but I got the bronze……though I never did check if there were only three entries. 😀

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      1. I felt it easily could have had 45 minutes to an hour edited out of it. It also tried WAY to hard, imo, to say, “HERE’S LEO! GIVE HIM HIS BLOODY AWARD ALREADY!” Just didn’t work for me. Love Leo, Hardy, and the director, whose name I can never spell or pronounce, just not as much in this film as in others. I’d have rather seen a film with the DiCaprio character meeting and falling in love with his Indian wife and raising his son than this. Leo deserves an Oscar, just not for this, though he may get it as he truly already should have one. All film is subjective. This one didn’t work for me.

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      2. Okay, that’s fair enough. I *would* have minded the length of it *if* it wasn’t for the fact that it was gorgeously shot…but I see what you mean, it could have been trimmed. I also get the “give Leo his Oscar already!” bit…that’s probably the only thing that I minded about it tbh.
        You’re right, all film is subjective… I thought the latest Star Wars was really poor in so many ways and yet, everybody loved it. The worst about that is the fact all my friends are Star Wars nuts and think I *should* love it, according to my general tastes and personality…hell, *I* think I should love it…but I just don’t, I don’t get it at all 🙂
        I also think Leo will get the Oscar simply because they haven’t given it to him already, and he *does* deserve one – I agree that he should have got it before though.
        Thank you my awesome friend for taking the time to give me your opinion, I really wanted it as I had this idea that you would have loved the film 🙂

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      3. Good point on Star Wars. To me, it’s like a religion, but not to most I know. However, some of them continually see the films, then, already knowing they don’t like them, complain that they don’t like them. That I find odd. Anyway, the poem is awesome. Leo’s doing a film with Scorsese about this serial killer who was killing folks during the World’s Fair in Chicago back in, I believe, the 30’s. Might be wrong on the time period, but Leo’s playing the killer. Can’t wait to see that.

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      4. Haha, that’s such a good point you make about Star Wars! The only reason I saw it at the cinema was because I was handed 2 free tickets for it, I would never have gone otherwise because, as you say, I already know it’s not my thing 🙂 although there was a mild curiosity to see what they would have done with this latest instalment…but I wouldn’t have paid for mild curiosity 😉
        This film you’re talking about sounds good, it’s Scorsese and it’s Leo… so I’m sold anyway haha
        Is it adapted from a book though?! Coz I read this book on the same subject not long ago and loved it!


    1. Hey, I just read your comment about the film and how you wanted to see more about him with his late wife. I felt the same (look at my comment somewhere on here). I felt I should have liked the film more but couldn’t connect with the main character, only observe.


  1. Brilliant, a powerful poem. The following lines are terrific,

    “Beauty and cruelty
    closely intertwined”

    “The purest of emotions — love —
    so easily tainted by ugliness”

    I find much truth in these words, beautifully written!

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  2. I just checked out the trailer, it does look good! One of my favourite films for big USA scenery was “Into the Wild” directed by Sean Penn, a much quieter film I should think, but I like action films too 🙂

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      1. I thought DiCaprio was fantastic in Romeo & Juliet, but since then they seem to promote him to every lead role, he’s very versatile, and doesn’t disappoint, but I’m still reticent about it because the cinema is so expensive here! From your poem and the trailer, it sounds like a cross between Seraphim Falls, and Dances with Wolves? Maybe I will get the DVD, I’d go and see for myself, but my partner isn’t keen on DiCaprio at all!

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      1. I did wonder if you meant “new to my blog” rather than WordPress after I’d sent my reply lol
        Well, welcome to my blog, I’m truly honoured you’ve chosen to stop by. I will have to pay you a visit myself soon 🙂

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