There used to be a fire fuelled by anger so fierce, it flared and raged and produced savage black-red smoke that could be seen from distant peaks.
Even the dragons, who had shared the secret of fire with mankind, recoiled at its sight.

The fire’s intensity inspired dawns to imbue their luminescent pinks with flames, and sunsets to turn their blazing reds into crimson.

The anger grew tame, it was replaced by ennui and indifference โ€” the fire gradually faded away to nothing but a few grey-white particles that could not even be seen by the naked eye.
Nothing of such a tempestuous nature can ever last.
Telle est la vie.

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33 thoughts on “Indifference

  1. Nathalie, this is wonderful. I donโ€™t know if I read your words with your intent, but for me it speaks to the idea that anger grows tame in time, which is a good thing otherwise it would eat me alive if I were to remained in a fierce state. When Iโ€™ve reached the point of indifference, โ€œthe offenderโ€ no longer matters to me, โ€œTelle est la vieโ€! The image is perfect, seeing red! So well written and very thought provoking in nature. Have a wonderful evening and week ahead! ~ Mia

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