Secret Stars


 Secret Stars

Ghastly humanity haunting gutters
snivelling snakes bearing sordid scars
fetid fangs seeking filthy sewers
so few see the sky-soaring secret stars

*Repost from a few months ago – inspired by one of my favourite quotes: “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” – Oscar Wilde*

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21 thoughts on “Secret Stars

      1. I had a hissy fit on the personal front and was going to pack up my bags and leave. But, by the next day, the fickle nature of my personality decided I was too abrupt. By that time, most of the posts were deleted, so I thought that I’d start over. I think that there will be similarities between my old blog and new one. The major difference is that anyone who wishes to have admin rights will be granted them and can post on my blog.

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      2. Wow, when you throw a hissy fit, you don’t do things by halves Rob! Well, I’m really, really glad you decided to stay, things wouldn’t be the same without you around here 🙂


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