Just shut up!


I haven’t done one of those little “opinion pieces” on my blog for a while but this, I had to say…although I’ll keep it short.

Sam Smith, I don’t like your beige music and I don’t like your voice. You wrote THE worst song that’s ever been written for a Bond film. You won an Oscar for it. Good for you. I have no problem with the fact that you were given an award for something I consider atrocious, I really haven’t. I accepted long ago that my taste differs vastly from most people’s idea of taste so there are no issues here.

My problem is this: the fact you’ve won a shiny statuette does not give you the right to a political or moral platform.

My problem is that pretty much nobody but you cares about your sexuality, so WHY on earth are you bringing it up?

My problem is that if you are going to try to “make a statement”, then surely you should educate yourself before you do so. Sam Smith, you clearly have no knowledge of music history, film history, or LGBT history so why on earth did you have to open your mouth?

Well, that’s easy enough to answer, it’s because his head is far bigger than it should be and because everything has to be about him. 

It’s not the first time Sam Smith has got in hot water for opening his mouth on subjects he knows nothing about, you’d think he’d learn…but he’s clearly not intelligent enough to do so. His publicists, whoever they are, should be fired for this latest über embarrassing story. After all, it is their job to make sure their client avoid those kinds of “faux pas”.

Poor little Sam Smith has left Twitter for a while, as he usually does when he makes an ass out of himself – he retires to lick his wounds in private.

I just hope he serves as an example to all the people out there who have to keep banging on about their sexuality. Nobody cares, stop letting your sexuality define who you are. Stop trying to be a victim. Stop claiming the LGBT community is discriminated against on a daily basis: they are represented in every area of the media, they have been written about more than any other community in the last 5 years. Stop, stop, stop!

I have said it ad nauseam but the only way to show everyone that something is “normal” is to just be it, live it, and not talk about it constantly.

Just keep your mouth shut in future Sam, I would never have to talk about you if it wasn’t for your utter stupidity and arrogance. Just sing for fuck sake, you have every right to do that, just as I have every right to switch off when your voice comes on air.

67 thoughts on “Just shut up!

  1. I LOVE this, Nathalie. I hate it when celebrities feel compelled to voice their social and political opinions. If I like you because you’re a great musician or actor/actress, that’s as far as it goes. For the record, I can’t stand him. Nothing personal, I just think that his music lacks anything remotely interesting. As far as the Oscars, I can’t stand watching the millionaires patting each other on the back. I love film, but the self -aggrandizement is more than I can stand in one evening.

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    1. Exactly Rob! You didn’t win an Oscar because of your sexuality or political views so thank whoever you like and don’t start preaching!
      I know how you feel about the Oscars, I can’t watch it anymore because I just can’t identify with all that money and privilege – the Oscars have very little to do with film these days.

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      1. I became a Hitchcock fan a few years back, and was shocked to find out that he only received a life time award, and never a best director award. How is that possible? That’s when I decided that I wouldn’t participate in the charade anymore. As a result, I don’t watch it anymore.

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      2. Yes, absolutely Rob, I agree! It would be OK if those “huge productions” award ceremonies were really about film and music but they’re not really. They’re about money, contacts, publicity and popularism. Not my thing at all. I make my own judgements, thank you 😉

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      3. Yes, and as you very rightly pointed out a few weeks ago when we discussed The Revenant, they gave it to him because of the media outcry over the last couple of years, NOT because this particular role deserved it more than his other ones. I love Leo, I think he’s a fantastic actor but he should have got his Oscar before now, if I had to choose out of all his performances, I wouldn’t have given it to him for The Revenant.

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      4. Yep, he should have got it for that, he was absolutely amazing in it.
        And yes, he seems to be a thoroughly decent chap…as they say over here. You know how I want Gandalf to be my dad? Well, I’d love Leo to be my brother 😉

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    1. Yeah, I do feel better lol
      I use my blog primarily for my personal writing these days and keep the journalist at bay…but sometimes the journalist that I am can’t be kept away. Today was one of those days 😉

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  2. Bravo. That song absolutely SUCKS! It’s perhaps the worse song ever for a Bond film, and a rather blah Bond film at that. I’d say, please Sam, STOP singing! You sound like a hot air balloon having its air forcibly removed under a faucet of hot running water. AWFUL! He wouldn’t be able to pontificate about his agenda publicly if he DIDN’T WIN AWARDS HE SHOULDN’T HAVE WON!!! Yuck!

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    1. That song is ATROCIOUS! I couldn’t even believe how bad it was when I first heard it…but it IS Sam Smith, so it shouldn’t have been such a surprise as he has done a great job of producing consistently shitty music. As for his voice, I *cannot* stand it…but clearly the majority of people disagrees with us 😂

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  3. Oh God, yes, shut up all of you celebs up there with your captive audience and your political opinions that for some reason you feel we need to know. We don’t givve a damn about your sexual orientation, your political leanings, etc…shut the fuck up.

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  4. Bravo! I hated that song. When I was in the movie theatre, I could NOTwait for that awful song to end. The voice was screechy, whiny..awful! The worst Bond song. Second, It is awful when famous people really feel the need to take advantage of their ¨platform¨. Enough about being a victim already. Try taking a look at children who are victims of abuse or parents who are addicted to drugs. That might open your eyes to what a victim is. And remeber how Jada Smith wanted to boycott the Oscars? Spare us. If her husband had been nominated, she would have shut her ass up! Thank you for posting this!!

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    1. YES Natascha! Exactly! Nobody is saying that homophobia has been eradicated, but is it really the number 1 problem at the moment? No! There are children (even in our so-called developed, rich societies) living in abject poverty. There are children being abused all over the planet, sex slavery, and so on…the list is endless. None of those subject matters have gathered as much coverage in the media as the LGBT community in the last few years. Priorities! So when a successful singer starts banging on about stuff he doesn’t even know anything about, people are bound to call him a d******d.


      1. Haha I know! He’s so popular that a hell of a lot of people must love that awful noise he makes when he sings! 😂
        I have no problem with not being part of the majority so it doesn’t faze me at all. It’s like Adele…now I love her voice and the way she sings…but I cannot bear that every single song is the same. Always misery, always regretting, always looking back…get a grip! Do something different! A real artist should stretch themselves, try new things. I just don’t think she’s capable of it. Yet, she’s SO popular that everytime I mention that I don’t like the new album, I have people giving me looks of utter disbelief. Like, come on! I’m entitled to my opinion ffs 🙄

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      2. I hear you. I don’t like the new album either. Enough already. Great voice but more of the same. Creativity and its expression should show growth. And she kind of pissed me off when she dedicated her last award to that artist who is claiming rape and trying to get out of her record contract. Just ridiculous.

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      1. Mind you, I like the show, but not the kind that is the award at the Oscars.
        I prefer more of a rock concert 🙂
        Have a nice day maybe rock 🙂 🙂
        My best regards with friendship, hello Nathalie.

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  5. Loved this: “…the only way to show everyone that something is “normal” is to just be it.” How true that statement is. There are people out there who think that you have to act like a blowhard to be “serious” about anything. They end up alienating people by being negative and hostile. Beige lyrics: You slay me, you’re so funny and so right.

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    1. Ha! Well, I’m glad you agree on this. I do passionately believe that the more you claim “victimhood” when there’s no real justification, the more you’re going to alienate people who would otherwise have been in your camp. The beige lyrics is my personal opinion of course, I totally accept that it’s not the opinion of the majority. Which is fine. As I said I didn’t have a problem with him winning the Oscar, if people think he deserves it then so be it. I just had a problem with him making false statements when it was not the place and he obviously had no idea what he was talking about.
      Thanks for your visit, it’s always lovely to see you 🙂

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  6. The Oscars have that tradition of actors making statements. It rarely works. However there are exceptions. I think it all began with Sacheen Littlefeather refusing to accept the Best Actor Oscar on behalf on Marlon Brando for “The Godfather” in 1973. This was a protest over the treatment and depiction of Native Americans in the media as well as reaction to Wounded Knee. Talk about arguing for diversity! See it on YouTube. It is actually an authentic moment, a far cry from the blather of today.

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    1. Oh yes, I’ve seen that clip, it’s the most famous of all the ” Oscar protest moments”. It can’t possibly be compared to a young successful singer making erroneous claims about being “the first openly gay man to win an Oscar” though, as you rightly said it was a genuine powerful protest 🙂

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    1. Oh, you must always dare! I am not a dragon and I’m always happy to talk with people who disagree with me as long as they make valid points and don’t resort to personal attacks. If you’re a reasonable type of person, then you can disagree as much as you like, I enjoy a good discussion 😉

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      1. I do enjoy a good discussion and the odd verbal spanking doesn’t do any harm when I am hopelessly out of my depth. Having said that I think we tend to think along the same lines…

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  7. To be honest – I never heard of Sam Smith til’ he made that horrible song for the Bond movie. I didn’t like it and his voice did not fit the tone of the bond movie. The director himself should have picked someone else to make the music of what it is.

    I’m so glad that you are expressing yourself. I love your message and thank you for pointing out about this guys shitty music.

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    1. Well, Sam Smith is quite big in America but since I don’t see you as an MTV (or other commercial bland music channel) avid watcher, then it’s not that surprising you hadn’t heard of him. You’re missing nothing! 😜

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