Emotional Lover


Feelings simmering…fine and dandy…for a while…but simmer for too long – the lid kept on tight – and they bubble over…triggering small explosions at first, then a torrent of frustrated, harsh words…fights, bitter arguments, and their toxic aftermath.

When there’s no way to blow off the steam, when lust isn’t acted upon except in fantasies and dreams…you end up with a witches’s brew… each nonaction, another turn of the screw β€”everything heightened, desperately askew.

Is there anything more pitiful than an emotional lover? Trapped in a bubble, without the release of sensual pleasures.

I’m a woman…a little too wise and grown, to take this blowing hot and cold…to understand your insistence…determination, to bury your head so deep in the sand…to watch you allowing us to disintegrate, by refusing to open the floodgates…to accept your willingness to keep us in this intermediate state…where we’re neither this nor that…yet this is where we are – we’ve been – at…for far too long…and you’re happy to prolong it, to leave things this wayΒ β€” fissures appearing regularly, painful jagged fractures, until we get to the final definite rupture, the ultimate break that can’t be mended, the eruption that could so easily be avoided…with simple common sense, and the courage to not go through life purposefully blindsided.

Image Credit: Lover-and-the-Wild’s DeviantArt Gallery

33 thoughts on “Emotional Lover

  1. Oh my! This hits and hits hard! Very, very good . . . no, excellent. You have expressed so poignantly three, maybe four, unromantic romances — emotional and in an “intermediate state” — that I’ve experienced. What hell could compare to this? Again, very sharp and finely done! Kudos to you and all the best w/blessings.

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    1. Thank you! I’m sorry you’ve experienced this…it is, as you say, pretty hellish…waiting and uncertainty mixed with frustration, who would want that?!
      Thanks again. Take care and have a beautiful Sunday – Nathalie

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  2. I am not sure if the musical references were deliberate, but I found some cool nods to reggae music. I especially like, “too wise to take the blowing hot and cold.” After a while, woman meets world. xoxo

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    1. Musical references were not deliberate at all. I love this about writing…and art in general…how everyone sees different things in your words, regardless of your original meaning πŸ™‚
      Thank you my friend, have a lovely day 😊

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