Raptus Obscura (a duet with Matt @This mortal Flesh)


on I sank
saturated in my own caliginosity
treading pools of melancholia
just a long swallow
in this incessant abyss…
groping in blackness
I found a hand
when you pulled me in
my insouciance fell away…
my darkblind eyes
knew not your nature
as you entered me
but there was comfort
in your warmth…

murky stagnant waters
run the deepest
my wounds soothed
you were my chance to dare
to feel again
you woke dormant
desire, a torrent
of lust
coursing through my veins
inhibitions shed, veneer unveiled
searing spike penetrating
icy stalactite dripping
Atlas and I both shuddered
and the world shook

Written by Nathalie and Matthew – March 2016

I am very much a solitary writer and it’s fair to say “collaborating” does not come easily to me – I need to feel a real connection to another writer to even begin to think about working with them…and obviously our writing styles must be, if not similar, at least able to “gel” somewhat. So, yes, I admit I’m a bit of a nightmarish collaborator. But Matt and I do have that connection, and writing styles that do “gel”…we’ve worked together once before: The Scar …and I’m still very fond of that little piece of writing 🙂

If you haven’t heard of Matt yet, please go and check him out @ This Mortal Flesh – he’s a brilliant writer and lives a little on the dark side, like I do 😉
Thank you for having me Matt, it has been an absolute pleasure 🙂

Image Credit: brandrificus.deviantart.com

44 thoughts on “Raptus Obscura (a duet with Matt @This mortal Flesh)

    1. Lol… I don’t know, I took Matt’s brilliant opening and got quite unsubtle there at the end…I always think collaborating would “tame” me a little but it never works out that way. Thanks for reading, Sir 🙂 xo

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  1. A wonderful, dark expression of what it is to be saved by ones lust…at least, that’s how I read it!
    I really enjoyed this, and I will certainly check out Matt’s blog now. ☺ Well done to you both!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks so much! And, did I ever say that? *raises eyebrows* 😉 The truth is, your writing is HOT, as in, real red searing hot…I mean, I can do hot… I’ve done hot… but “your hot” is effortless…and the thought of me being involved in all this hotness is daunting…😬

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      1. 3AM?! That’s insane, but oh how I adore your scalding praise… even if you’re were not fully awake I’ll take it. Thank you! 😊 No, you never denied me, but your comment about not being a collaborator felt like I was standing outside of a closed door, but if you feel the urge to open it up I’d be more than happy to waltz in and share words with you!

        Liked by 1 person

    2. It’s 3am and I’m reading about Matt being “jealous”… and replies mentioning offers to “explore the darkness together”…you guys! It’s that late over here that I can’t help but picture you in some seedy alley, furiously…scribbling together! 😂

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