Spikes and Leather


Spikes and leather
hard edgy exterior
hiding the core – soft centre
precious pearl inside the oyster
pinprick of light
in the dark fabric of life

*Repost from July 2015 – simply because I had one of those nights yesterday, throwing some dubious moves when “Crazy in Love” by Beyonce came on, and shaking my arse on “Love in an Elevator” by Aerosmith (no wild night is complete without the toxic twins rock’n rolling) – so this repost feels entirely appropriate.*

PS: Yeah, that *is* a moody bitch expression on my (thankfully blurry) face, don’t know what I was thinking (it’s entirely possible white wine was doing the thinking for me, lol)

56 thoughts on “Spikes and Leather

  1. Nights like that are now out of my reach, but to be honest they were even when I was younger. I wonder, are they even half as much fun as they look? I may be disappointed if the answer was yes or if the answer were no. But since my glass is half full (of wine), either answer will delight me.

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