Nagging thoughts


Painting my lips, glossy red as the peeling paint covering the cracks in the old, all-knowing walls.
Before I leave, his seed still drying on my legs, nagging thoughts pull at the corners of my blanket of happiness.

Later, an overflowing bath and still, the same lingering taste, niggling thoughts resurface while I hum a song, not happy, not sad, immutable as the tide, wishing I could wipe my mind clean as I do the steamy mirror. The crow at the window goading me with his fixed stare is just an extension of buried emotions, things that have no place in a life wrapped in lace. And yet, the double edge of a mind that will not rest can seem like a curse, when the ghosts, chased away long ago, tug with cold fingers in their unrest, and cover the peaceful daylight with a translucent veil.

Through the cigarette smoke, I spy the April clouds gathering, full to bursting with the drops made wary by their interminable journey, an endless circle, a pitiful and yet, hopeful, cycle.
The rain finally comes and washes away the pale shapes, they grow faint, they melt away, taking their chains with them, so the light can once again flow, unobstructed by nagging thoughts.

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49 thoughts on “Nagging thoughts

  1. The last paragraph makes m e think of a black and white film noir. That’s how evocative and emotionally astute your depicted world’s become. I also like the idea of thinking as sex dries, theres something intensely female there, we can relate through time, how many women have done this? Really this i s a painting, saying the edge of everything in static

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  2. Did a crow actually come to your window? This is an important and serious question, as you should NEVER IGNORE BIRD SIGNS. A black bird sitting at your window is an omen, and not a good one.

    All that pontificating aside, it’s an excellent mood piece!

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    1. Ha! I agree that you should NEVER ignore bird signs, and that a black bird peering at you through the window is an omen, NOT a good one. I was well aware of all this while writing the piece…I’m glad you liked it πŸ˜‰

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    1. Thank you so much Charlie! I’ve been away from here for a few days, crazy life not giving me a minute, but I haven’t forgotten about that “feminist” post, I shall go and read it in a minute πŸ˜‰

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