Forest green


A chat into the early hours today led toΒ this: a little poem written just before 4am, in 2 minutes flat, just for me, by a lovely friend who is neither writer nor poet – so in a funny kind of way, it made his (unedited) effort and words taste even sweeter. I wish I could inspire more people to try their hands at a little writing. (The moody photograph of the London night sky is his own too.)

A young nameless girl with colour to her cheeks
Arrived in dark London, it’s love that she seeks
But there’s no one around, just rain on the floor
Late walks lead her here, to wanting something more
She was wearing all one colour, of origin unknown
But the colour started dripping, on the floor, she ran home
Tears and rain merged, she laid down, she felt betrayed
But a figure stood over her, for a moment she delayed
“It’s me” dark brown hair, he laid beside her, she felt weak..
Her eyes grew wider as her lips tried to speak..
His finger on her lips, he whispered in her ear
“I’m here, I have what you need, there’s no need to fear”…
The grey turned to colour, how lost she had been
Except from him and her, the colour was never seen
Because, all along,
The colour was forest green

28 thoughts on “Forest green

      1. I can well imagine. I remember my “first time” too, I believe I floated high above the ground for a few hours afterwards πŸ˜‰
        It has happened quite a few times since but it’s always been from actual writers…I don’t mean to diminish their efforts (some of it has been very, very good, and some of it incredibly hot) but there is something very touching about a gift of words from somebody who doesn’t usually write πŸ™‚

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      1. Yes it is especially if comes from someone that was not even thinking about it like in your case a non poet or writer he did put up a pretty good one and I am sure you were a great inspiration! πŸ˜‰

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