April Snow


Oh, how fun it is to be lurching from one disaster to another…she sang.
Some devil, somewhere, obviously had a bunch of dominoes going spare, and decided to set them all up before giving one a little shove…

Time to pause, reflect…or give up and become a nun…only not in a convent…my addiction to certain solitary pleasures most probably would be frowned upon…in fact, it’s entirely possible that if I tried to pass through a convent door, dark smoke would suddenly appear – bolts of lightening prevent me from entering – there might even be some hissing, who knows, I’m not willing to risk it.

So, the life of a nun without the nunnery…a heart kept under lock and key…I’ve still got my books… and I can look at my collection of fuck-me shoes…what else does anyone really need? Humour, and since I’m able to laugh at me, laughter in my future is an absolute guarantee.
Oh, and how could I forget chocolate, I predict orgies of the stuff for this formerly reckless pirate.

Snow in April, who would have thought it? Not I, but as a metaphor, it couldn’t be anymore perfect.

*It was actually snowing in my garden an hour ago – crazy Spring*

Image credit: Juli-snowwhite.deviantart.com

57 thoughts on “April Snow

    1. Got it in one Matt! My twin knows πŸ˜‰
      You’ve gotta laugh though, what else is there to do? Crying just gives you swollen eyes…and as an activity, it’s really rather boring 😜
      Chocolate orgies are the best…except I don’t restrict myself to Easter and Halloween, mine go on all year long! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

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  1. “Get thee to a nunnery!”
    Nah, I think that would amount to a terrible waste of devilish humour and personality! πŸ˜„
    On a more serious note, this is beautifully written. Such a mixture of sadness, frustration and humour. It made me sorrowful on one line and then chuckle on the next!

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    1. Aw, thanks Adam! I’m really pleased to hear it, *all* of it. Somehow I don’t think I’m made for the nunnery either πŸ˜‰ and I’ve still got my writing as well, I’m so pleased you’re enjoying it, like I’m enjoying yours! πŸ˜€

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    1. I don’t know! Only certain parts of B-town got snow while the rest saw nothing. Did you actually get any? It only snowed for like 30 minutes on my street, I was in the garden with my cigarette (I know, I know) when it started and I couldn’t quite believe that it was snow at first, we hardly even get it in the winter! It was a WTAF moment #GlobalWarming

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      1. Hey, no judgement on the ciggies here! πŸ˜† Yeah I did. It snowed a bit on Falmer at about 3ish and when I was heading home at 6 it was snowing quite heavily in Woodingdean for about 20 mins. Bizzarely the sun was still shining!

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      2. Haha no, sorry, I don’t smoke. I just don’t have a problem with anyone who does, is all. Sorry to disappoint! πŸ˜…
        More snow this afternoon in Falmer! About half 12! What is going on?!

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      3. My bad! But I’m not disappointed that you’re not sharing my filthy habit 😜
        Well, I didn’t see any snow yesterday, but maybe it means the end is nigh? Who knows? 😁

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  2. You a nun? Never! You playful tone belies your serious points and I always enjoy a multi layered word recipe. Finally after about eight months of promising snow we finally got some, it wasn’t even worth the wait.

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    1. Thank you for the lovely words, I think my WordPress friends know me too well…none of them are buying this nun idea πŸ˜€
      Yeah, I know, we never even get snow in winter and it shows up in April?! Not that there was much of it…but still.

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  3. Relating heavily to the idea of self imposed excile half against nature but neccessary and the vividity of those party shoes mocking us for not wearing them when we choose to listen to inner bookish self not sexual moth. Yes. Totally. Mercurial in want. I really relate, excellent description of a hard to illustrate dichotomy of selfβ™‘

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      1. You are a multilingual poet and thinker. Far exceeding journalism because you have that rare gene, integrity. It’s dying out. Few have integrity but you do my tiny thimble footed french sister

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      2. HAHAHAHA! I’m really a 50 year old pot bellied bearded pervert called Angus with a foot size fetish!!!! Eww i managed to gross myself out! *showers shuddering*


  4. The nunnery can’t have you, you’re way too sexy for that. Keep your shoes, and your black smoke, put them on and go out! By yourself, for yourself. It’s very therapeutic. You’ll remember how to saunter when you walk (or maybe that’s just me??). Always eat the very best chocolate my dear. Xoxo


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