Weighing the significance of what has been gained against the cost of it, what are we left with? An heir with a destiny worthy of going down in history? Or a diminished mind and body, a pale version of what could have been? Hope can be such a strong emotion, so the former rather than the latter for me; ice and fire – if you use your imagination – is a sexy, powerful combination.

In my dreams, I have visions of an ice dragon, terrible and fierce, flying over snow-capped peaks and ultimately blasting enemies into oblivion. 

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32 thoughts on “Visions

      1. Adam, catch up! Seriously, you CANNOT be behind at the moment. I know you have the excuse of having just delivered a month’s worth of great writing (😊) but…it’s GoT Adam!! 😜

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    1. No idea! 🙂
      Wasn’t it so satisfying to have predicted this though? The fact it happened exactly how we thought it would didn’t spoil it for me – I wanted it to happen too bad!

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      1. I believe those were the exact same words I used as well 😂
        Exactly! I CANNOT wait for the next episode now. I’m going to be foaming at the mouth come Sunday 😜

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  1. Well. You knew I’d like this ! Don’t see why a woman couldn’t write the damn 6th and ugh books do you? Part of me unfaithfully feels another writer would end up doing a better job. Ps. I want a dragon and a direwolf. Did you know there’s a real direwolf breeding program?

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      1. There SHE IS! I nearly DIED the other day and so badly wanted to PM you this meme about Jon Snow. Did I ask you before if you are on Facilebook 🙂 if so, give me your addy so I can add you and share the drivel about GoT that I just know you’ll laugh over!


  2. Powerful insights and images… I am wondering if that dragon might personify Fate somehow.
    As always a thought-provoking and well penned post, dear Natalie…
    Bisous et bone dimanche. Aquileana 😀

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    1. Thank you lovely Aquileana! I’ve been away from WordPress due to too many other commitments but it is a pleasure to come back briefly and see your comment 🙂
      I’m going to find the time to visit you very soon, it is long due! Have a lovely week my lovely, Bisous – Nathalie


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