Stress severs the thin cord that binds each of us to fragile happiness. It makes us blind to the light beyond the belligerent clouds.
We, unsighted and teetering on our self-made pedestals shoot out arrows into the dark…and unsurprisingly, hardly any hit the mark. So the hour grows late and the panic increases while one tosses and turns in sheets made of 100% misery… resting on a bed of agonising thoughts, becoming slave to a vicious insomnia that leads to even more irrational fears and phobias.

You need to grab the courage to follow the bend in the road, not knowing where it leads exactly, and not knowing how. You must let go of the worry, that background constant anxiety which seeps into everything and drains the colours of your days, leaving you dazed, out of place and unable to face life – the big picture – on your own terms.
ClichΓ©s as those words may be, as a socialite’s gold watch from Cartier, they are nonetheless true, real, in the same way ostentatious jewels are too.

Even if the world goes to hell, and fuck knows it often seems determined to exercise that privilege, you’ll survive. You might even thrive, just like the flowers that defy circumstances and grow in the narrow gaps between stone slabs. That’s the knowledge you must hold on to. And my hand. Hold on to my hand, I won’t let go, not as long as you’re surrounded by shadows – for now, I can be your rock. Let that be enough.

Image Credit: atlargemagazine

51 thoughts on “Rock

  1. “And my hand. Hold on to my hand, I won’t let go, not as long as you’re surrounded by shadows – for now, I can be your rock. Let that be enough.” Wow! Very powerful ending after incisive, well-written article… In fact, perfect wrap-up!

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  2. The opening paragraph captured the feelings of stresses and anxieties perfectly, which made the next two paragraphs about courage and hope even stronger. I’m sure that Tom, and many others, will find comfort in this writing.

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  3. I’m glad you never waiver. Your truth is resolute. That takes insight, wisdom and courage. Your strength, builds others Nathalie.

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  4. Courage is a tough flag to take up, I applaud your words and I am doing it loudly in case you hear it from where you are, I think the wind is blowing the right way.

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