Rock II

At the beginning of May, I wrote this: Rock

It was written for somebody who needed it, who needed me…and I was there for that somebody, I was there all the way, even when that somebody made it almost impossible to be there for them. This particular person was “grateful” or so he said. Only now, when *I* am going through a tough time, he has simply turned his back on me. I was informed via text message earlier, that he was “done”. I have been unfriended on Facebook as well. I am baffled as to how somebody I thought was close, just a few weeks ago, could do this to me. I guess I cannot comprehend any of it. How can you “end things” via texts? How do I not even deserve a face to face meeting, even if it is just to say goodbye?! I have forgiven this person so much, given this person so much over the years…and this is how I am treated. Moments like this are enough to make me lose faith in humanity – this, this, I really didn’t need. Not now. As if I didn’t already have enough battles on all fronts, it turns out I apparently deserve to be stabbed in the back as well.

I have been, was his rock…and yet I have been shunned in my hour of need. There are no words. 

28 thoughts on “Rock II

  1. Unfortunately friends change and friendships end. Sorry to hear this one was so unpleasant. Sending you lots of positive thoughts and hopes that the pain over it soon receedes.
    Life goes on and much better so with you in one’s life. His loss.
    Much love

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    1. Well, exactly. How can a friend kick you when you’re down? I’m sorry you’ve had to experience this as well. Thank you for your thoughts, o wise pontificator πŸ™‚


  2. Gratitude is not part of this world more like so many other things.
    I understand it happened to me I try to take life with philosophy just to get ahead. πŸ™‚
    Wishing you well and send you greetings.


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  3. I am sorry to hear of your trouble, it is heartbreaking to feel abandoned. I am hoping for the best for you , you truly deserve all good things.

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  4. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with such betrayal. I’ve been down this road too. I can feel your heartbreak in your words. You didn’t do anything to deserve such betrayal. You may not see it right now but he did you a favor. You deserve to be surrounded by true friendship and kindness. Sending you lots of love and ((((hugs)))))

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    1. Yes, you are right: *real* friends would never act like this. More to the point, nobody should be treating *anybody* that way. Thank you so much for the kind words and the hugs, they are much appreciated ❀


  5. This is outrageous. How can someone be so cruel?! Whatever.
    Try to be a rock now, be a rock for yourself. Don’t let this break you my dear Nat, for you have a tough time ahead and decisions have to be made. Stay strong and don’t lose your focus.
    And regarding this awful person: Don’t worry about him, his actions will eventually catch up with him, as they do for everyone. There is no escaping karma.

    Here’s a biiiiig virtual hug from me.
    All my best to you!

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    1. Thank you my awesome friend, I also believe in karma and the old saying: “what goes around comes around” so, you know, whatever. I will not let this awful experience upset me any longer.
      Thanks so much for your lovely words and the hug, I needed it! πŸ™‚
      Hugs and ❀ from me


  6. In my mind, it is so hard to imagine someone abandoning you. You are so worthy in such a multitude of ways. I hope that the support and love of your followers, including me, is some solace

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    1. Thank you, kind Sir. I am not perfect in any way shape or form, but I make it a point to treat others with respect and kindness. I don’t know any other way to be. The support and love from my followers is simply *priceless*.
      Thank you ❀


  7. Awful! just awful! Nathalie, I’m so sorry to hear. Friends change and friends become complicated. This person was no friend and for him to do this to you is unacceptable. I’m here for you Nathalie if you need someone to talk to. I know you’ve been through something awful but we are all here and to listen.

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    1. Thank you Charlie, I am struggling to understand how a *real* friend could have done this…you’re right, he wasn’t.
      Your words and thoughts mean a lot to me ❀


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