Small slices of life

Building castles, pies in the sky, leaving pebbles underneath the neon lights. Did you see the marble statue looking down on us, with an enigmatic and slightly benign smile, injecting magic in an otherwise pink and subdued night. On the merry-go-round, eyes shut tight, the unicorns turn and dance with the swines. A little star dust is the only make up worthy of the dreams in my eyes, and the whisky coloured words no less than our misfit minds deserve.

Give us a few light years and we will have figured out nothing, but by then we might have written a couple of stories & modern myths.
Somewhere, a giant will weep in the darkness and indifference — while secrets, never meant to be kept, will burst, tired of waiting for deliverance.

The poets are dead, I don’t want their decayed crowns on my head, I’m happy with graffiti on the walls of my future, and for bald eagles — utterly appalled — to scream at me in fury.

What else matters but our collection of moments, small slices of life, gathered in my hands while I pose and prance… before releasing them all…and people slow to a crawl…awed and warmed by the joyful colours which didn’t actually cost a single fucking dollar.

*This was inspired by the fantastic evening I spent with Adam last night. The company (and conversation) was so good I managed to sit and drink for hours in a pub garden full of smokers, and not relapse. Quite a feat for this addictive personality, I can assure you. If you haven’t heard of Adam, go and visit him @ AdamDixonFiction – he’s a talented writer and story-teller, as well as a very interesting & fun drinking buddy (obviously)*

Image credit: @biancasomer and @unachicaloca7 on Instagram


35 thoughts on “Small slices of life

  1. “A little star dust is the only make up worthy of the dreams in my eyes…”. This is beautiful, Nat ☺ Such vivid imagery and a pervasive feeling of wonder.
    Thank you for the shout out and for your lovely words ☺ You are wonderful, engaging company and I could have sat there for much longer 😊

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    1. Oh, you must have been at the blogger’s meet Adam told me about! He said it was such a great experience and that I should definitely go to the next one 🙂
      It is *all* about the small slices of life, isn’t it? 😊

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      1. Such a fool that I’m considering standing in your way (with an old staff and grey ragged coat) as you’re about to leave and saying in a booming and powerful voice: “you. shall not. Pass!” 😜

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    1. I’m thrilled my twin liked…and yeah, WHY do you have to be there man? Can you imagine the amazing shit we’d write if we actually bounced ideas face to face instead of playing ping pong with emails? 😉

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      1. Seriously! We’d have some good times. I was actually looking at your year round weather over there after we talked earlier and was like I should TOTALLY move there lol. Don’t think I’d have much trouble convincing the family either.

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  2. I love it when you write more regularly, just being selfish saying that but it’s true.
    I’ve often been drawn to the idea of the ‘poets being dead’ and then I read an article about how in Pakistan that’s exactly what they are doing right now (killing the poets) and I so wanted to write about it but sometimes you’re so outraged all you can do is go ARGGGHHHHHH!! So I guess I’ll sit with it a while but I liked this because I can completely relate to the AGONY of watching others smoke whilst trying not to drink too much so that you will completely lose inhibition and take ALL THEIR SMOKES. I get that. I really do. Bravo for your success my friend, I know it is very hard and you did good girl. xxxx

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    1. Haaaa, thanks! I haven’t really been writing lately due to so much shit going on in my life, but I do miss it when it’s not happening and I’m pleased I managed to produce a little something. I can’t stay long without writing, it’s just that if I write stuff and re-read it and think it’s shit, then I chalk it up as just good therapy and don’t show it to anyone. Yeah, the non smoking is kind of a big deal, I’d been smoking for so long I really had to stop, it’s not been too bad apart from the social occasions when I definitely wanted to steal “their smokes” haha xx

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