Pride 2016

A few pics from the Pride celebrations last night. My friend Sam and I were already drunk by then, but it was kinda early hence we were still on the acceptable side of it — the subsequent real drunken pics are not even fit for FB, let alone a blog (lol *shameful grin*)

A great time was had by all although my friends bailed out on me earlier than usual (not impressed, guys!), but I ended up making friends with someone called Tom who is a real sweetheart with a wicked sense of humour. We laughed like loons in the taxi queue and he proceeded to walk alongside the hundred or so people waiting to go home to let them all know he was from now on my new “gay sidekick.” Nobody cared, but a couple of people were inebriated enough to clap so we bowed. When Tom and I finally said goodbye to go on our separate ways, we hugged for dear life as if we hadn’t just met a couple of hours earlier. This, my friends, is the power of alcohol and Pride combined. Or maybe we’re just crazy. #Probably

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