Hero of Tomorrow


She, filled with the fire of life,
walks slowly,
weak and strong,
overwhelmed by love and responsibility,
& a duty
as old as time
but constantly renewed —
she stumbles
a slight pause
a moment of wonder
a breath of wind from yonder
past and present briefly merge
warning of impeding labour
it’s a sign, yet mystifying
for her
and him —
impatient fruit of their loins
innocent fruit of their sins —
He, places his hands on her rounded belly,
hard as stone,
he lays his hands on the future
and makes his wishes,
closing his eyes,
words muttered,
half prayer
half incantation
the earth keeps spinning
used to it,
bored with it
but what is routine to her
is a miracle for them
life created
hope sowed
their heads bowed
fingers intertwined
they’re waiting for
their hero of tomorrow

Image credit: zzzone.co.uk

20 thoughts on “Hero of Tomorrow

      1. Not too kind. Carrying a child is a beautiful subject to write about. Brings up all kinds of feelings. ❤️


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