Lost Fairy…part 2…

The lovely and talented Eric has written a part 2 for my “Lost Fairy” story.
I love the way inspiration works, how it can come from anywhere — I’m ridiculously pleased Eric decided to come to the rescue of a sad, bewildered, but ultimately very brave fairy. She needed him, and he was there, like the true gentleman he is. Thank you, Eric — this was a real gift 💜
Please enjoy: I don’t call Eric a “master word weaver” for nothing! 😊

My Sword and Shield....

image93In answer to Nathalie’s story which can be found here  “LOST FAIRY “

It drifted to her ears
like soft music
it seemed

Perhaps it was
an illusion?
maybe something she dreamed?

Then suddenly, She saw it
The source
of this strange serenade

He wandered near
her dirty brick wall
to pass his time in the shade

She looked to see
his lips moving

She examined his face
every inch

But neither did he sing
nor bard-like instrument bring
as he sat himself down on a bench

The music it reached her
so sweetly
it traveled its way to her soul

She moved bravely near
never worry of fear
something called to her with words, more ancient than old

She closed her eyes
and listened

She settled down
right near his hand

Then a tear
in her eye softly glistened

because he
spoke the native tongue of her land


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