Bitch in heat


1…2? Yes,
twice today
I’ve had to seek
a little peace
to attend to a pressing need
kinda embarrassing, really
I was visiting
friends, their house is pretty neat
made a weak excuse
I’ve no skills for diplomatic ruse
practically ran to the bathroom –
at last, calm down, breathe in and out
lift the dress
lose the panties
blood rushing
ears ringing
faucet leaking
drops turn into a spring –
Nobody can accuse me
of not being a well-oiled machine –
urgency builds
hips rocking
back arching
all over pinky sheen
Hurry, time’s a-wastin’
people are waiting, wondering
what the hell you’re doing
Quick, fingers
and faster
the hot release
sweet enough to induce tears
Vesuvius had nothing on me
except maybe
the tragedy
here, only little death
nothing on a grand scale
Shhh…the door is closed
but I can’t stifle the moans
I don’t actually care
if the whole world is there
or even watching
blame my voyeuristic streak
I can’t help it
If I’m nothing more than a bitch in heat

*Apologies, but I’ve only got one thing on my mind at the moment, my brain isn’t working properly. When it came to finding a pic for this, I couldn’t be bothered to look and decided to use this one I’ve used before – it’s almost 2 years old but I love that it’s (purposefully) all grainy and that I look real tough, like nobody would dare to mess with me…I mean, even *I* wouldn’t dream of messing with this chick if I saw this pic 😎 😈 *

65 thoughts on “Bitch in heat

      1. Being a motorcyclist enthusiast (aka biker chick) I have a lot of leather jackets, one similar to the one you are wearing. I love it, have had it for a good while, they seem to improve with age.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You’re a biker chick! I bow down to you, I’m only a rock chick which is the watered down version 😁
        Yes, good leather does improve with age I’ve found. I think I wrote a poem once enthusing about my “worn leather” lol

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Two is quite enough when you’re at a friend’s house. Had I been at home, it would have been quite a few more, it already has been as a matter of fact since I’ve been back for a few hours πŸ˜‰
      There are days when I wonder how I get anything done lol

      Liked by 1 person

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