I waited for you, time frozen, arrested, and yet spinning, the silence deafening — I opened doors and windows to let other noises in, to no avail, nothing is louder than a torrent of emptiness. I wilted, neglected, yet I never lost faith, not realising men do not torment themselves in quite the same way we do, not believing that things would change, that when you’d come back, we’d fail, crumble under the weight of expectation.

Now you have moved across the sea, to get away from me and the guilt you felt every time you looked at my face. You have left, once again, taking my heart in the most banal of theft, and I have stayed, while somehow carrying the blame.

Ps: I am SO in love with this song ❤️

15 thoughts on “Run

  1. Remember that song in the eighties called Voyage Voyage, really big in France? WHO SANG THAT? This reminds me of that ‘feeling’ (not the pop sync stylie though) (secretly I liked the song) and it also reminded me of ‘wherever you go / there you are’ and the ideas of loss and absence. I think you understand them so well because of how much you have traveled and what it takes and what people who haven’t done that, don’t understand, cannot understand, about leaving people and things behind, only to start over, and start alone even if you are not alone, because you only have yourself and you are longing for the other, who is allusive because without being whole, how can you ever be completed? (I ran off on a tangent with this but that’s how reading this affected me so there you have it).

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    1. Desireless! She’s the one who sang it. And yes, of course you would get that, the whole leaving everything and everyone to start over and how difficult it is but at the same time you feel you have no other choice, plus you’re right, it does give you that unique perspective that people who haven’t done it don’t have.

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      1. I know it was ‘naff’ but I really loved that song and I love even more that you and I both know it 😉


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