Social butterfly


This volatile social butterfly has a new “high”: intense & sharp – not sustainable, of course – so, before too long, this flighty flake will get bored…and yet new hobbies, new people, constantly renewed, running in a loop, is the only path available when one is unable to deal with real life.

Chasing a series of bright but quickly extinguished sparks while avoiding the fire means you’ll never get burnt. What social butterfly doesn’t want to know and will forever ignore is the factΒ it is very possible to drown in the shallows.

*For those of you in the UK, enjoy your bank holiday! For my part, the beach and good friends are awaiting 😊

Image credit:Draw, Draw, Draw! on Pinterest

21 thoughts on “Social butterfly

      1. Well, I think most people choose freely but some are more easily victimized than others based on a number of things like self-worth and lack of knowledge. But yes, I agree that societal pressures to conform or be accepted definitely don’t help.


  1. Enjoy the beach! We’ve just had some good friends over, and they’ve left with their two young girls naked in the back of the car, as all of their clothes got a soaking playing in our garden! Fun times x

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  2. πŸ™‚ Well crafted fable there!

    When I finally learn how to insert those sufficiently-small so as not to clog another’s site yellow emojis that other pressers know how to use, then I’ll stop using the throwback method that I used up there. In fact I see you know how to post at least one kind, care to inform me about it?


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