11 thoughts on “Vitriolic

    1. I LOVE her! Especially after that last episode a couple of months back: she’s crazy but she did crazy with panache, I would have blown up the sept too, and I would have done it in a leather robe while sipping wine, like she did lol
      Anyway, I used her picture but the line is not really about her, not the first part in any case. I just couldn’t find a photo and I stumbled upon this one and just had to use it, it’s from the last episode ๐Ÿ˜

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  1. I understood that, but it set the scene well for what you had to say. There is a correlation between the words and the image. The fact that visual and verbal communicate but aren’t identical makes this all the more rewarding.
    My favourite line of hers was “Knowledge is power? Guards: Kill the man. You see: Power is power!”


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