Past, Present & Future

My lovely people from WordPress, feel free to bypass this post as there is no poetry or interesting prose to find here. Those are my late night thoughts and they serve no purpose other than: bleeding on a page, something that I’ve always needed to do so certain things don’t suffocate me.

Cruelty is a terrible thing, so is lack of respect. Denying somebody’s very existence just because it makes things easier for you is sad. Chasing new “highs” while neglecting and sacrificing long-standing relationships is simply unforgivable. Stonewalling people who have gone above and beyond the call of duty for you is despicable. Mistreating someone who has given you chance after chance, even though you didn’t deserve it is appalling. I could go on but I won’t, because there really is no point. It’s all been said before and it’s all been for nothing.

I am not one to reject the past. I know it’s fashionable to do so nowadays, and there are plenty of pseudo-deep quotes out there to support this weak way of thinking.
So, I embrace my past because I realise it’s part of me, of who I have become.
I don’t have any real regrets, I did the right thing, I have been a good person. If others can’t see or refuse to see this, it’s their problem and quite frankly, it’s also their loss.

I, rightly or wrongly, believe in karma, that you get back exactly what you put out there – good or bad – so I feel quite satisfied about my choices and my actions in my life so far. However, not everyone lives their lives that way and there is nothing that can be done about that. You cannot force others to do the right thing, to be decent and kind. If you could, the world would be a much better place.

I have always lived fiercely, and I have always been loyal to myself and others. This is not going to change, but from this point on I am going to accept that I can’t fix damaged people, that their wrong choices are not my problem and don’t reflect badly on me, but on themselves. Life? You only get out of it what you deserve, nothing more and nothing less.

I embrace my past and I have faith in my future. Presently, I may be hurt and I may be disappointed but I’ll get over it, and I still have it in me to feel sorry for the people I know will never be happy. Only it’s not my responsibility anymore, I am well and truly done.

26 thoughts on “Past, Present & Future

  1. I don’t think it is intelligent to reject the past. Everything that you say is true. We cannot reject or ignore the past. We learn from it. Or should. But we also should not be held slave to the past. That is the difference.

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  2. Yes, I feel this. So much truth here. When you can feel so much from others it’s so hard not to always want to fix people, situations, yourself. But ultimately they are responsible to fix themselves. Amen.

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  3. I felt every word. It’s heart breaking when you’ve been there so long by their side. Through everything. Then they just cut you out their life. But I agree with you, you don’t cut off the past it is part of you and you move on. That’s the bit im struggling with at the moment. Thank you for these words.

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  4. Hummmm. Fiercely I have no doubt. 🙂 Je crois qu’il vaut mieux être de ton bon côté que du mauvais. (C’est du franglish, peut-être?)
    On sent chez toi beaucoup de passion et qqs blessures à fleur de peau. (Ouais, ouais, m. Dr Freud) Mais je pense que ta force te permettra toujours (?) d’en sortir. Otherwise rant away. Good therapy. But I think you have put your finger on it: You-can-never-change-people. A cliché they say here: Women marry men hoping to change them. They never do. Men marry women hoping they will never change… And guess what? They do. 😉
    Une dernière note: Don’t waste your precious time with idiots. They abound and will never change. But there are nice people everywhere.
    Va prendre une bière dans un pub avec des amis. Ou même toute seule. Autre proverbe local: mieux vaut être seul(e) que mal accompagné(e).


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