Satan and the lesser devil

Satan came in, all breathy and positively burning with excitement. A lesser devil was there, feeling bored and rather useless.

“I’ve managed to snare another one!” Satan exclaimed.

The lesser devil couldn’t hide his wonder: “how do you do it, sir? If I may ask? I’ve been on the lookout for so long and I’ve had no luck. And it’s not for lack of trying!”

Satan was in a benevolent mood, as usually happened when he’d just got his way.
“I’ll tell you what boy, I’ll give you a couple of tips. Now listen, and listen good, because I won’t repeat myself.”

The lesser devil eagerly pulled up a chair – this was unexpected, but oh, so welcome.
“I’m listening sir, do tell me!”

“First of all, you have to choose them young and not very bright if you want to be able to fool them, and we need that! Insecure people and attention-seekers are also good, if you can get it. Right? It’s common sense. If they’re intelligent and educated, you’ll have control at first, but it won’t last for very long and that’s not what we aim for. Listen mate, we’re not that deep and we’re not that clever ourselves, so we’ve got to go for lower than us, it’s the only way for success. Youth is important because they haven’t lived yet, they don’t know anything, they haven’t had time to find out there are people like us out there!
We want to control them, take over their lives, manipulate them without them ever realising they’re being manipulated. Yeah? I’ll tell you how you can gauge their levels of naivety and stupidity: if they publicly – and by publicly, I mean the world, we’re talking Twitter for example – declare they’re crazy about you, when they’ve known you for all of 5 minutes, then you know they’re ripe, ready for the taking, they’ll be putty in your hands..”

Lesser devil couldn’t help but interrupt: “surely, sir, nobody would be so foolish as to publicly do that, after 5 minutes! What is the purpose of it? It wouldn’t reflect well on their character.”

“No, it it wouldn’t!” roared the devil, laughing like a loon, “it doesn’t, but that’s the beauty of it, it shows they’re stupid and insecure enough to fall for all your lies, and they’ll be lots of them! It means they’re positively asking to be taken advantage of! They’ll let you break hundreds of promises, be selfish and false and they’ll be grateful for any crumbs you give them! Using and abusing should be your motto from now on.”

But, sir, said the lesser devil timidly: “this isn’t much of a challenge, then, is it?”

“Challenge, schmallenge” replied Satan. “Challenge is hard, challenge is difficult, we don’t do challenge round here boy! What we want is willing slaves, people who’ll do our bidding, easy prey is where it’s at. No point wasting months or years on anybody for the sake of challenge, oh sure they taste better but it’s too short, they realise what we’re about and we lose them after we’ve spent all that time chasing. And don’t get me started on the headaches they give you when their eyes open to what we are. We need to be loved, adored and never questioned, boy! Our self-worth depends on it. We avoid confrontation like the plague, we want to always get our way, we want an easy life more than a real one. Listen to me, I’ve been doing this a long time: young and stupid…understood?” added satan, with a slight air of menace.

“Yes, sir, young and stupid, thank you for all your help, I’m very grateful.”

“Ha! Come on boy, get out there and do what you have to do. And don’t let me catch you trying it on with anyone but a simple brain.”

The lesser devil went out, looking a little unsure. He was thinking that maybe he didn’t have the right temperament to be, even a non-ambitious, demon.

Satan smiled indulgently, he was still on a high from his latest catch, it wouldn’t last but it was intense enough for now. The illusion was what mattered.
“The poor sod, it’s not rocket science.” he muttered.
Then he picked up his phone and started texting his latest prey who eagerly responded within seconds. They would do, for now. There were so many more out there. Life was grand. For now.

*It may or may not be obvious that the subject of Narcissism is more than alluded to in this little story. This is by no means a comprehensive account of what narcissists can be like, this story referred to “new supply” – the fact that narcissists tend to “trade down” rather than “up” has been extensively written about. It certainly has been the case in my experience: new supply gets younger every time, and seems to have less and less in the way of brains, definitely going down in terms of looks every time as well (only mentioning it because it’s shallow, and the narcissist is shallow) I guess it’s the narcissist’s way of making sure the new supply will be controllable as long as possible, that he will be able to fool them far more easily and for longer.

If the narcissist’s discarded supply was a smart person and the devaluation  & discard phase went on for too long (in the narcissist’s eyes), it makes sense to “trade down” when it comes to his new supply. The smart person saw too much, got to know the narcissist inside out, that’s something he, with his constant need for adoration, cannot allow. So, smart supply (which narcissists usually favour above all else) must disappear and new supply must be found among the “not so bright” so they don’t manage to get close to the truth (although they will, eventually) In any case, it is very hard to see the new supply going through the “love bombing” phase, knowing they will end up broken to pieces just like everyone before them.

I am seeing it now, the new supply has only just met the narcissist and already they are completely absorbed into the fold: hours on the phone, publicly declaring their love (how very shallow, needy and desperate behaviour, very low-rent dear!), going to great lengths to arrange weekends together when they’ve known each other a few days only (a few days! alarms bells are ringing, deafening), thinking they have found their soulmate – everything completely over the top and going way too fast – textbook case “love bombing” (what a cliche you are, T) I mean, we’re talking “psycho” scary, and “psycho” fast here, this is not love as poor new supply probably thinks it is because they’re, er…not all that bright…(and an actual baby, how far one has fallen from his trophy days, down to the dregs now) it’s abnormal on a grand scale and the red flags signalling a psychological disorder (it is, NPD – a narcissist cannot feel love or other emotions, only imitate them, apart from rage & lust, that is) I actually feel sorry for the new supply, no matter how long it takes, they will end up broken. Narcissists as demons, devils, whatever you want to call them…Vampires? If you like. Very dangerous people for sure. I’m just ever so relieved this never-ending saga is finally over for me.

I should mention, in passing, and for future reference that narcissists are always very active on social media (even if they don’t know how to use it properly), they get low-grade secondary supply there with all their (fooled and foolish) friends unconditionally pouring love over their walls and statuses. They are very careful to build the image they want to project; for example: intelligence… with a bunch of ludicrous pseudo-deep quotes that don’t mean a thing to anyone in possession of at least half a brain, and btw, often associated with glaring grammatical or spelling mistakes, it’s: “I’ve been blown away by nature” dear, not “blow” & if “life surprises you”, then of course it’s with “the unexpected”, otherwise it wouldn’t be a surprise, would it? Like, duh! But you keep making those mistakes with your shitty quotes and you don’t even know you appear ridiculous because you’re trying so hard. Too hard. Am I being bitchy? Petty? Yes, but I think I’m entitled after the cruelty you’ve shown those past few weeks, not to mention the years. I could publicly laugh at your stupid quotes for the next 100 years and not even come close to being as mean as you’ve been to me. (btw you might want to ask new supply to cool it on Social Media too, they come across as desperate and moronic.) Narcissists also use social media to insult and undermine the devalued supply, often writing cruel tweets or Facebook statuses to get a reaction, or at the same time as stonewalling to make more of an impact, they use social media to gloat about the new supply just so the person who has been discarded wants to slash their wrists a little more. They use social media a lot. Why? Because it’s not real life, it’s fake and they can only do fake, not real, because they are incapable of communicating like fully functioning human beings. They use it like irresponsible, nasty kids because they are incapable of being adults and it gives them endless possibilities to be mean without getting their hands (too) dirty. Also, they use it simply because they are narcissists, and they want the world to care about what they have to say, they desperately need va-li-da-tion.

Thank you, T. You taught me some valuable lessons and truths:
I should not automatically trust a friend just because they’ve been a friend for years.
I now know that my instinct is usually pretty spot on but, sometimes, it fails me. I now know that you can give someone everything, and not only will they give you nothing back, they will also turn on you if you need them, they will twist the knife in and walk away as if being ungrateful, cold, selfish, nasty and cruel was normal. Even better, they will accuse you of everything they‘ve done to you, they will play the victim when they are in fact the abuser, they will say they hate drama while creating it at every step, they will make you doubt yourself by constantly re-writing history, lying and speaking half-truths. They will punish you endlessly by stonewalling and insulting, throwing tantrums like toddlers and go into evil rages, never ever taking the blame or accepting responsibility for anything, never saying sorry either (at least never sincerely) the art of double standards was invented by narcissists and for them, they will make you question your own sanity by constantly telling you that you “read too much into things, you’re too sensitive/crazy, you overthink everything”, telling all their friends their own twisted version of the truth (never ever the actual truth) so said friends all think you’re crazy and ready for the loony-bin, narcissists are constant liars and assume everyone else is too, they claim to have high morals when in actual fact they have none – all narcissists cheat, it might not necessarily be in the physical sense, but they will cheat every other way; also: and this is incredibly important, narcissists will never ever give you closure, because giving it to you would make it so much easier to get over them and they do not want that, they want to feel like they own you to the end… etc…

Good luck with the rest of your life T, you’re going to need it, life becomes particularly tough for the narcissist as he ages, that gaping hole inside of you is going to be harder and harder to deal with. Even surrounding yourself with endless young & brainless new supply won’t help you. None of this is my problem anymore, thank fuck. In any case, don’t ever, ever come anywhere near me ever again. Ever. That’s twice now, twice, that I’ve been discarded in the most callous manner for new supply, discarded as if we hadn’t been friends for years, discarded as if I hadn’t done everything for you over the years, discarded for people you barely know, people with no brains – I forgave you once (fool that I am) but I will never forgive this second time round – just you keep on getting your priorities totally wrong, while I finally get mine right. Keep your stupid puppy away from me (and my town) too, we wouldn’t want an unfortunate meeting now, would we? As far as I’m concerned, as soon as I click publish on this, you cease to exist, and trust me, I mean it this time. I can also assure you that it is very much your loss.


45 thoughts on “Satan and the lesser devil

  1. I’ve been unfortunate enough to have dealt with two narcissists in my time. Well, at least I suspect they were. Left me feeling completely shipwrecked. And the kicker? I still don’t think I’ve learned to be a good judge of character until it’s far too late and the emotional damage has been done. You’d think I’d learn…

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    1. 2, gosh! I’m sorry about that. I think you most likely have learnt from it though. You might not think so but the experiences one has with narcissists are traumatic enough that one has no choice but to learn. You won’t fall victim to it again 🙂

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  2. Yeah, narcissists are repugnant assholes who feed on the pain of others. Sickening fuckers. So sorry you’ve had to deal with this one. Nicely written piece on the nature of these shit-heads. It’s just too bad you had to go through what you did to get such a clear picture of how the narcissist operates. I really hate narcissists. I hate ’em a lot. The fuckers.

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  3. Vic alerted me to this post, because I wrote a venting poem today about my narcissist of a few years ago. I read what you wrote as if it were my story, and it sure sounds like we’ve educated ourselves through the same books on narcs and psychopaths! I know all those terms and how they work and I was there for 6 years before finally getting out. Never again. Can smell them miles away. Bravo to you for surviving and getting out! And nice to officially meet you Nathalie, I’m Em. 🙂

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    1. Hi Em, it’s nice to meet you 😊
      Thank you for your comment, it always helps to hear about others who have been through the same thing. This post is quite vitriolic but I wrote it after giving him one last chance to do the right thing. I sent him a message to say I was done with him after he had been stonewalling me for ages. That message was calm and composed, I know he read it on Whatsapp but even though he was on the phone for hours that night, talking to new supply of course, he never even sent one word of acknowledgment. I was done with him anyway, but I wanted at least one word back from him, for him to acknowledge that I exist dammit! I never got it. 8 hours later I wrote this, because something finally snapped and all my anger came spilling out. I realised there wasn’t even one ounce of decency in him, nothing.
      The funny thing is, before him I had never even heard of NPD. It’s only when his antics sent me to therapy a couple of years back that I discovered what he was. My therapist explained it all to me and then I did my own research. It was like an epiphany because suddenly EVERYTHING was explained. Of course, my mistake was letting him back into my life months after the hell he had put me through. By then I thought I could handle it (I’m such a fool) I had been through therapy, I was much stronger, I thought it would be okay. Well, of course it wasn’t. I’m not in the state I was 2 years ago, because now I know what he is, I know I’m not responsible for any of it. I won’t need therapy this time, I’ll be fine. I just finally drew the line under all that shit, I refuse to put myself in that situation again. I was so angry yesterday, hence the post. Angry at him and angry at me for letting him back in my life after everything he had done previously. I got away 2 years ago and went back months later, how stupid can one be?! But it’s over now, I’m done with it all, that’s all that matters.
      I’m so sorry you experienced this too, unless you’ve been through it you can’t possibly understand how devastating it is. Thanks again for your comment 🙂

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      1. I relate to all of this. I took mine back after he cried big crocodile tears and apologized and made big promises. Of course within the week he broke them all. And I called him out, he hated me seeing him for the truth of what he was, and off to the new target, trading down. Textbook narcopath. Hugs and so glad we are both out. 🙏🏼

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  4. Wow, this is intense! I loved the conversation between Satan and the lesser demon, I enjoyed his eccentric analysis of their plight! As I’ve said, you ought to write fiction more often ☺
    On the other hand, I’m sorry you knew someone who could inspire such a story and such a vitriolic follow-up. It’s opened my eyes, actually, as I recognise that behaviour in some people in my life and now I will watch them more carefully.
    It sounds like your ire is completely justified, and I hope this last, pent-up release of steam will blow that dickhead far away from you. It certainly is his loss. Good on you for spelling it out.

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    1. Yep, intense! This only got told because he was given a last chance to acknowledge my existence and didn’t take it. The message I sent him was calm and still respectful despite everything and yet, he ignored me and chose to spend hours on the phone to new supply instead. So I snapped and all my anger came out. It wouldn’t have made it on the blog if he’d had the decency to reply. Oh well. You can’t force people to behave like decent human beings, can you? None of his friends know him like I do, none of them have ever done for him what I’ve done. He admitted to me a couple of months back that I was “the reason why he wasn’t having a breakdown” that he “owed his qualification to me and would never forget it”…he’s studying to be qualified as an accountant and I’ve been there every step of the way to support him, running to him every time he called, cooking for him, going through fucking accountancy questions with him, spending quite a fair bit of money too in the last couple of months (because apparently things were “tight” for him and yet he can afford to go swanning round America for 2 weeks so yet again, I’m the fool) taking his shit when he cracked, having to prop him up all the time when I was having issues of my own, even going to the actual exams with him ffs…I did it ALL, and yet he treats me like shit when he’s done with his exams and just ignores my texts as if I didn’t exist. WHO does THAT? I could never ever treat anyone like that. Never. It baffles me that anyone could. Oh well, good luck to him, he’s gonna need it in every way, not least with the rest of his exams when I won’t be there to support him. I’m starting to think he hasn’t got the potential to do that well anyway. And work is about the only thing he does well so that should tell you something.
      But, I’m taking a little bit of responsibility, all my friends think he’s despicable and warned me time and time again but did I listen? No. Because I thought I knew better. Well, that will teach me, won’t it?
      What matters is that I’m out of it and he can go and ruin somebody else’s life now. He’s chosen someone stupid this time so it should last for a while, but I still feel sorry for that poor unsuspecting person who has no idea of who he is.
      They say karma is a bitch, I believe that. He’ll never ever be happy, nobody can be when they treat people like that and only think of themselves. Anyway, narcissists are incapable of happiness because they don’t have any empathy and they’re incapable of loving anyone. They only see people as supply, they only know how to use and manipulate.

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      1. The guy sounds like a right piece of work…you’ve done well to get shot of him, shame it took so long. Obviously you thought you saw something good in him so you stuck around despite the advice you were given. Been there, it sucks. He treated you badly despite everything you gave him and if he can’t even respond to a calm message then he’s a turd. You’re worth so much more than that. Karma is a bitch, and it’ll bite him on the arse one day.

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      2. I did think I saw something worthwhile in him, and obviously I was wrong. But I did, otherwise I wouldn’t have spent so much time supporting him…although, I am a sucker for broken people so, again, taking a bit of responsibility, I thought I could fix him. Ha!
        This is a life lesson for me 😁


      1. Haha no worries! 😄 It’s good to vent and it seems like you need to! There was too much to be said in a concise way, but this ain’t Twitter, luv! Bloody go for it, as the actress said to the bishop! 😉

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  5. Bravo to you Nathalie!! I am going through something similar. It has been difficult, but “no contact” seems to be working for me. I was blindsided , and love bombed like we all were, but I will say I have learned a lot from my experience. We all need to love ourselves a little more, we are all badass and beautiful women. I enjoy your blog so much. There is great strength and beauty in your vulnerability. Hang in there enjoy your weekend! – Lola 🌺

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    1. Hi, Lola! I’m so sorry you experienced this but I’m so glad you’re staying strong. No contact is really the only way. I did that before but could never sustain it. It’s now the third time I’ve been discarded, although the first time wasn’t for new supply. I’m thinking it’s third time lucky with the no contact and finally moving on. I believe I’ll make it this time because before, I still throughout the no contact phases somehow held on to the idea of the “bond” between me and him. Now I *know* there was no bond, there was no “magnet” power, there just couldn’t have been otherwise I would never have been treated that way. The guy I though existed, just didn’t. The guy I thought I could help reach his potential, “fix” was never there in the first place. I’m more aware now of the chameleon thing narcissists do, adapting to the different type of people and telling them what they want to hear. Now I know that even though he craves closeness, he runs a mile as soon as he gets it because closeness involves people getting to know who you are and it involves you doing stuff for them, being there for them and thinking of their needs as well, not just yours. A narcissist is incapable of all that, hence why they will be forever unhappy, forever chasing something they desperately need but cannot handle. But I’m running away with it all again, sorry lol
      You are right, we *are* all beautiful and badass women, that’s why narcissists picked us in the first place, because we’re special and they aim for the top, at first anyway, before they are forced to downgrade further and further with each new supply. There *is* strength and beauty in our vulnerability, we must never let what happened change that 🙂
      Thank you so much for your comment, I hope you have a lovely weekend as well. Sending you positive vibes and hugs 💜 – Nathalie

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  6. Thank you for your kind words Nathalie!! They give me strength. You are correct, it is very hard to maintain “no contact”, but I know it will give me the freedom to move forward with my life. I am taking it one day at a time. I hope you enjoy a lovely weekend too!! – Lola 🌺🙂

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  7. Can you tattoo this into my psyche? It is very hard to maintain no contact when part of you wants to understand WHY and the other part wants them to just disappear. What madness we feel at times. I think it’s so hard to convey the duel of emotions that goes on – and you are such a mistress of being able to convey this – which is apropos because those who have done it best have mostly been French so YA BOO
    On a serious note … narcissism ruins people – plain and simple. I recall reading something you wrote when I was first on WP and first ‘came across’ your blog. I remember thinking I knew I’d like this woman because she was upfront about the bullshit. Yeah sometimes it’s that simple. So many narcissistic people THRIVE because nobody calls them out. Our society and world seems to be hell bent on worshiping them worshiping themselves (a la Kardashian et al) sometimes I want to say ARE YOU MAD? To people because they seem to go along with it like lemmings. Why? WHY? The more you write about this, the more it begs the metaphysical questions of WHY people sell themselves out for the pursuit of WHAT?
    So you’re real, and you’re real and you’re covered with real and you’re made of win because you are real.
    and that’s a really good thing

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    1. Ya, that’s exactly it! I’d gone no contact before but I think I just needed to know why SO BAD that I couldn’t sustain it. Now I know there’s NO why, no reason, no closure and I just have to get on with it. Gosh you’re reminding me I used to write about that shit on the blog so much because I just could NOT understand what he was and what was going on and it was driving me crazy. Don’t get me started on this sickness of worshipping false idols, I was once talking to this girl who was by no means stupid and then she suddenly started talking about Kim K with a kind of wonder in her voice and I was like, are you fucking serious? Are you for REAL? What the hell is wrong with people?

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      1. RIGHT? Me too. I am speaking sometimes with someone who seems really smart then they start talking like a Stepford Wife and I’m like, oh this is why I fucking hate this shit! Sometimes I get why people become alcoholics, just to drown out the bullshit. I have less and less patience for it. A la Helen Mirren being asked at seventy what she wished she did more … tell people to fuck off more often HELL TO THE YEAH! they say you become more conservative, and you swear less as you get older and you’re more cautious (makes loud braying sounds) that’s BULLSHIT I hope we’re both eighty with bright neon pink heels mini skirts, a fag in our mouth (Galouise baby) and getting it regular! Fuck outcomes, let’s burn our own way through this world.

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      2. Oh ya, alcohol sometimes seems the only way to forget how much crap we have to listen to on a daily basis!
        Helen Mirren is a fucking legend! I CANNOT ever see me becoming more conservative, cautious swearing less! If anything, the reverse, because as I get older I have less and less time and patience for bullshit and I become even more determined to live my life as I wish and FULLY!
        I LOVE your image: 80 and still kicking arses, that’s how IT SHOULD BE!

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  8. PS (oh the gab on me) when I was sixteen I was besotted with this boy, he was handsome blah blah and he was a total narcissist. Took me EONS to get over, and the hillarious part? He wasn’t worth a jot of it. So why? I think in my case it goes back to what we were saying about mother’s and self-approbation and not being built up to believe in oneself and too much critique. That internal stuff really sets us up for following a false piper and that’s what happens. I have had it happen several times, I look back and think WHY but it could just as easily happen again because narcissists are adept at manipulation they feed us what we want to eat, we buy it because we want to trust. And what alternative is there? Not to trust? Not to believe? Well I must confess I do find it hard to trust but in order to have a relationship you gotta and so they’re working with a very powerful dynamic and even the most intelligent fall for it because that’s what they do best. I too like others have said, am glad they are out of your life, because YOU deserve more than that, obviously. But I do understand how it happens, O too well and you must never berate yourself because it’s not about being stupid or blind it’s about a world that worships the kind of people who really should be stoned and sent out of the city walls. xo

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    1. Yes, yes and YES! I’ve long known that my mother is responsible for the fact I’ve always attracted (and been attracted to) the wrong kind of people. There’s definitely a “better the devil you know” vibe going on. My mother demeaned me and made me feel like shit, I could never win her love no matter what…well, OF COURSE I’m going to fall victim to a narcissist! You really don’t need a therapist to explain that one. You’re right, we can’t stop trusting and stop believing although I must admit this narcissist brought me so low a couple of years back that I was at that stage…but that was when I was still confused as to what he was, I didn’t know about NPD then. When I found out about it it was like a lightbulb moment, FINALLY everything was explained: I wasn’t crazy like he tried to make me believe, it wasn’t all my fault, it was just HIM. And yeah, it made total sense that my childhood led me to fall for his manipulation. You’re right, even intelligent people fall victim to this, but I DID feel really stupid AND blind at the height of it. Not now though, now I just think he’s a twisted fucker, end of.
      I won’t let my awful experience with him change me. The funny thing is that I also find it really hard to trust in general. I mean, I WANT to but I’m always wary. And yet, THIS happened. Well, it’s a cliché but you do live and learn

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      1. I like the saying ‘they fuck you up your mum and dad’ because although obviously we can’t use that as an excuse it’s just this bloody truth to it. Anyway even if they do which so often they do, it’s for us to break free of the cycle BUT any of those annoying ‘be positive all the bleedin time’ types, tell you that you can ERASE your entire being and start over, let them try! I doubt it’s possible, more like posturing. In the REAL world people carry about their scars and baggage it’s LIFE and to pretend we don’t smart from the sting of what was or wasn’t done to us, is totally unrealistic. Like you I carry my shit, because it’s THERE and it exists and owning it doesn’t mean you let it control you but you know it’s not going to vanish just coz you want it to. I definitely agree that people who have had similar experiences to us are more likely to fall foul of those manipulations and even when we see that, it’s hard to totally avoid. Fortunately you’re not just a pretty face (which can be a cuse also at times) but you have a huge brain (not literally but mentally! ha ha ha! sorry just died laughing thinking of you as a cone head RANDOM) and so you have that additional challenge in some ways of being too smart to fall for shit but smart enough to be manipulated by another smart person who likes playing games (why the fuck they think playing games is fun is beyond me … there isn’t a pyre hot enough for those types) the best and the brightest fall foul of such manipulations, it makes for great fiction and poetry, and sucks when you’re actually living it. Thankfully there used to be wine and cigarettes for that but as we’re giving them up (a lowing sound comes from me every time I think about that) then what is the succor? What the fuck is the succor? GAME OF THRONES and FEMALE VIOLENCE then will have to suffice for now! Your Shield Maiden Friend who holds your sword and carries your fire.

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      2. YES! Fuck all that bullshit about forgetting the past and “if you keep reading that chapter, you’ll never get on to the next” and all the crap I hear nowadays. The past does not control us but being aware of it and owning it is surely the way to go through life so it doesn’t make you stumble every other step. How can you progress and do shit if you annihilate and refuse to acknowledge parts of your life?! It makes NO SENSE!
        Ya, being messed around by psychos does make for great writing material but it doesn’t change the fact I’d sometimes like to bring back the stocks for those kind of people. I can understand individuals with mental health problems creating havoc around them, they can’t help it, they just need help but the people who CONSCIOUSLY do all that mind fucking, I would like to torture very slowly so they can get a taste of what they’re doing to others.
        There, now I’m in a Cersei mood again haha
        If I was ever to choose someone to hold a sword and carry *her own fire* by my side, it would be you sister, without a shadow of a doubt xx

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      3. HA HA HA HA! Oh I’m with you. Sometimes revenge just seems so necessary if only in fantasy! 😉 I hear you. And likewise, if you’re a nutter you’re a nutter but most of these types they’re not crazy they’re just EVIL MINDED and they like to hurt others like Borderline types, that’s a personality and whilst maybe it’s not 100 percent a choice, WHAT IS? I mean we’re all scarred but some of us choose not to hurt others, whilst some choose to inflict their pain on others. That’s a choice. That’s where I can’t be as sympathetic as say, if someone did it because they were completely mad. As you say, the consciousness of it. And it is torture, to those who usually are trying to help them so WTF? ha ha ha I’m always in a Cerci now that should be in the English language ‘in a Cerci’


  9. Veeeery interesting, ma chère. (And I mean it) 🙂 Fits together well with a paper I once wrote for a congress on “narcissus and the brand”. Basically all marketing (and it’s influence is in every corner of our life) builds brands as narcissistic mirrors for the consumer. And everybody (or most) fall into the trap. Thank you for adding new thoughts to that reflection. Bz.


  10. A part ça chuis un peu en retard dans mes lectures. Catching up. Bon, j’espère que toutes ces “expériences” et révélations about (in)human nature t’ont rendue plus… prudente? Bye


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