Social Media inanity/insanity


Here’s me: an adult singing, dancing, acting like a 13 year old girl
wearing a wife beater and cap, I’m a chav, on Twitter & Instagram
You all need to see this, hence the 25 generic hashtags
‘Twas my birthday, a “private” moment between friends
that obviously had to make it onto the Internet
coz it was evidently of interest to the entire world, along with…
“I’m on my way back from the gym
Also, I’m in love (with…)
someone on the train is eating – now I’m watching a film
I’m crazy about queen Britney
I’m sweet, it’s all about my family
Oh, and I’m in love (with…thinly disguised name)
Here’s me in nothing but pants,
do I look good?
I’m brilliant, I’m at work, look!
By the way, I’m in love (*with…actual name)”
It’s all utterly banal, mundane, hop onto my run-of-the-mill train
No, I’m not ashamed of my attention-seeking, insecurity, or my emotional and all round immaturity, plus
I have no interest in depth and words when there’s an ample supply of fab emojis

I share every detail of my life
on social media
my faux-deep thoughts, intimate & excruciatingly embarrassing feelings, videos, pics — everything posted on public sites
because…I’m sad
cheap, shallow, needy
Pleeeeeease love me, please validate me
Please listen, look, at…everything
otherwise, clearly I don’t exist
I may be the living embodiment of stupidity
but I don’t care, look at my hair
Aren’t I sexy? Don’t people fancy me?
What do you mean some laugh at me, believe I’m moronic…even…a freak?
They don’t think I’m adorable? They laugh, say I’m kinda creepy with my over-sharing? 
They’re just haters, trying to shatter my one-way mirror
No worry, I’ll hang on to my delusions to the bitter

Unfortunately, because I’m not smart & smack of desperation 
I will be fooled, taken in
so easily
by people I won’t ever really know –
even if I fuck them, am obsessed with them 
constantly talk to them – I’ll still never get past the surface
Day will turn to night, too late to wipe the slate clean and start again
Attention-seeking is well and good, until it’s the devil who turns his gaze on you – my social media life basically screams: use me, abuse me! it’s not a joke, attention-seeking might, one day, actually kill me.
Pray that I, and others like me, eventually learn
that instant gratification,
feeding off a high
is not right, is not life –
it’s possibly the furthest you can get
from happiness

*This came about after one of my friends phoned me on Sunday, and during the conversation mentioned a car crash on Twitter that was so horrifying it made it hard to look away. “You probably don’t want to look, Nat, but it’s both the saddest and funniest thing I’ve seen in ages” he said. Boy, was he right. I mean, we all hear about these people, but until you’re faced with their desperation and insecurity, it’s quite hard to believe the depth of their neediness — it’s also incredibly hard not to be thinking about the mental health issues they might very well suffer from, and which this addiction to telling the world everything can’t possibly help. There are many articles out there about social media and its links to mental health problems, whether it helps diagnose them, and/or cause them – this one is quite good because it openly admits there are many unknowns: Online Social Networking and Mental Health


45 thoughts on “Social Media inanity/insanity

      1. right? so often I want to just add a picture I wish they had that feature! ah well you painted it well I can totally see it!


  1. Ha! It’s true, social media is one of those can be good or can be bad things. Unfortunately, young people are not getting the proper mentoring in the wise use of it so as not to look like a twit or an easy target.

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    1. I didn’t write this post with the intention to “disgust” you, surely none of what I wrote comes as a surprise to you, we’ve discussed it all many times over the years, you know my views.

      For the record, I did NOT point anyone towards certain Twitter or Instagram accounts. I discovered said accounts last week thanks to you & your ego, took a brief look, assessed what type of person this was in 10 seconds flat, blocked immediately & forgot about it. I did NOT talk to anyone about the accounts. It’s hardly my fault if certain people have discovered them, found them a source of hilarity & proceeded to tell me all about them. I am not to blame for that, these things will happen if people decide to publicly advertise their private life with a plethora of details.

      Many of the things *you* have done/said have disgusted *me* in the past. You don’t have that power anymore. I wasn’t even disgusted when I was told on Sunday that you’d bought a birthday present for someone you’ve known *barely two weeks*, when my own birthday has been ignored for the last 3 years, and yet you supposedly “thought the world of me.” After all the time and money I spent a few weeks ago, (not to mention the previous years) if anybody *deserved* tickets to a show, it was definitely me. But birthday gifts after knowing someone barely two weeks is all part of the “love bombing”, I get it, textbook case, none of these things disgust me anymore because they are *nothing* to do with me.

      I have no need of your well-wishes: I already have what I’m looking for in life: friendships and relationships that have real depth and meaning, the ability to be challenged by others and to challenge myself, the will & capacity to truly *live* fully (that hashtag #Living was mine to start with, you merely stole it)
      the determination to surround myself with intelligence, culture and kindness, to be happy but unselfish — I *already* have it all and I intend to keep things that way, thank you.
      I wish I could say the same to you: “I hope you find what you’re looking for in life” but I know you won’t, so I’ll just say: good luck, you’re going to need it.

      I just *truly* hope that you’ll be careful with this one, although I know you won’t, not after the “idealisation” phase is over. You’ve always claimed to like intelligent people: he’s not.
      Stupid and common too, I mean: “Cupid’s a little shit sometimes but a fab one all the same”…now, that’s a love tweet for the ages,#Not… if anybody ever wrote anything that crass about me, I would be mor-ti-fied. Can you not feel your IQ dropping already? Because it is, and it will keep dropping #Fact
      You like sophistication, you said: he’s a chav. You like depth: he’s shallow.
      You like your relationships “kept private”: this one is splashed all over the net before it’s even started.
      Your like very masculine men: he’s clearly a girl, *definitely* not your usual type. You like strong, independent people: he’s so obviously fragile mentally and very needy. You could do a lot of damage there, I don’t wish that on *anyone.*

      *Already* your relationship is unequal: he’s gushing about you constantly & publicly like a fool and… you favourite all the gushing, sure, but you don’t do any *obvious* gushing of your own, do you? No, you might say something here and there, carefully veiled, but that’s it. Oh, you know what you’re doing, alright! You’re certainly cleverer than he is. You’re lavishing your attention on him away from prying eyes, so much of it that he feels stupidly confident to tell the world about it, which strokes your ego no end.
      I do feel sorry for him, if you couldn’t be there in the most basic ways for someone who has done *everything* for you (real, meaningful things, not just given you instant gratification) how are you going to be for someone who’s *truly* needy and mentally fragile…
      I still believe you like and aspire to all of the above things, from intelligence to sophistication, etc…it’s just that you *cannot* handle them. I’m sure you’ve read the previous posts: “narcissists trade down – downgrade – with each new supply.”

      If this post has disgusted you enough that you unfollowed me, it’s an added bonus. I have blocked you everywhere I could think of, but I couldn’t block you from the blog unfortunately. I don’t *at all* like the idea of you being able to look at the things I post on here, I’m glad you won’t anymore. If this post “made you sick” and it spurred you on to *delete everything* that has to do with me, I’m ecstatic, I can’t tell you how pleased that makes me.

      Why ask me to “leave you alone?”
      I told you in the clearest of terms I was done with you and that I have no intention to ever have you in my life again in any way, shape or form. I have no intention to hound you or anything of the kind, why pretend otherwise? I want *nothing* to do with you anymore. *You’re* the one who commented on this post, but fortunately that won’t happen again as you’ve just said you will keep away from this blog from now on, thank fuck.

      My conscience is clear, I did everything I could, more than most people would have, I was a devoted, loyal and supporting “friend”, I fought till the very end, I fought even when you made it *impossible*, I forgave so many cruel things *and* gave so much while getting nothing back but coldness and heartache *time and time again* because of the years of actual friendship, because I knew and understood you had deep-rooted issues, because I though I could “fix” you. I fought because you mattered a great deal to me… only now can I see that this “connection” I believed in was not real, it never existed because if it did, you would never have treated me the way you did, time and time again. I have nothing to reproach myself with, I’m a good person and deep down, and even if you will never admit it, you *know* this to be the truth. My conscience is clear.

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  2. This was an interesting read, Nathalie. Showing the surface and flip side of the situation was cool. I did two poems similar to this. They go with Guiness commercials. One was a bit raunchy, but people got it.

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  3. Ahem, I’ll have you know each photo of a cup of coffee, or a cake on my desk at work takes me whole SECONDS to edit and apply filters to before trying to think up generic tags 🙂

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    1. Looool I’ve seen them, your cups of coffee or cakes on your desk are FINE! Nothing wrong with them whatsoever, this addresses the issue of people who post EVERYTHING online in an obvious & nauseating attention-seeking way, their banal activities and mundane thoughts, as well as intimate details about their private lives – it would be bad enough on Facebook, but on Twitter and Instagram? Ugh.

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  4. Fantastic photo that is relevant to more people than would actually get it. Surely social media is just there to link your blog posts to. Or maybe I misunderstood it and should start taking photos of my inner thigh to see what all the fuss is about.

    One day Facebook et al will be seen as the great 21st Century novel and that will be a sad day. I love your cutting honesty, its refreshing and appreciated.

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    1. Thank you! We are in the middle of a modern crises where everybody thinks what they have to say, no matter how banal, is of great value and should be heard by the world. The fight to give people confidence in themselves has made them arrogant and pathetic, in some cases insufferable.

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  5. There is no mystique about anyone of a certain age anymore, just varying degrees of honesty and posing. Much of it, as you point out, smacking of an insatiable need for validation. It will take a lot of time to adjust to the new world.

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      1. Put it this way I have a close relation, young and female if that makes any difference, who’s texting adorably proves a point.


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