You guys are so not spam!


Is that why most of you end up in the spam folder? πŸ˜‰

Man, Alan told me about the WordPress craziness of banishing lots of comments to the Spam folder (thank you, Alan!) – I had a look, and so many of you were in there and I had no freaking idea! I think I rescued you all now: there I was shouting in front of my MacBook: “Candice is in there, noooo! (At least 10 comments of yours Cand, how could you EVER end up in spam, it’s scandalous!) and Eric! And…” you get the idea! Lol

Sorry, guys – I’m going to keep a closer look on things from now on, and of course I’m going to catch up on all those comments. Love you all 😘 Β (Sort it out, WordPress!)

23 thoughts on “You guys are so not spam!

  1. Thanks for rescuing me Nathalie! I think they may be fiddling with the software because there are a host of problems happening. People aren’t showing up in my Reader but I’m getting the e-mail notices AND vice versa. Comments, notifications, the scheduler… all acting weird. I hope when they sort it out it was all worth whatever they’re doing to this platform!

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  2. I love that you call me Cand (my old mates from the UK do this, the closest ones and it makes me happier than if I were on drugs). Yeah my love you were too it’s just sick wrong.

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