A wind of insanity is blowing.
The hyenas are baring their teeth.
Anxious sentinels fidget, humanity is holding its breath.
Poisonous seeds sown by a callous hand are germinating, in a soil moistened with acid — drop by drop, it drips and feeds fears and worry.
Will the narcissist win, manage to spread dread and hate on a global scale?
Standing at a crossroad, surrounded by shadows, hope struggles not to choke.

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29 thoughts on “Crossroad

  1. Excellent. This is a twisted, sick man representing horrid ideas, beliefs and thoughts. I truly pray he does not win. He’s a media darling. They love him and love to write about him. He feeds their own desire for attention and self-aggrandizement. This, I believe, helps him greatly. The thought of him as President is frightening and terrifying. To me, he’s a symbol of all that’s twisted and hideous in my country.

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    1. I agree with what you say about the media and Trump, he’s like a wonderful gift to them. I am, like you, hoping that he won’t win, if it happens it will be a dark day indeed. Not just for the US either, for all of us.

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  2. When Obama ran the first time against Hilary I was pro-Hilary because at the time I knew less about her, nothing about him, and felt that people were only voting for him because he was black which I didn’t think was a good enough reason and I felt like maya angelou that if we had to choose, oppression of women came before color as it occurred before oppression based upon skin color so if we picked a candidate like that, a woman trumps a man. Anyway I stand by that choice and whilst Obama didn’t do a terrible job (accepting a peace prize and going to war, aside) he didn’t do a great job (who has?) much of this because he was very green, and his hands were tied. The worst thing he did was Obama care. The idea of socialized healthcare paid for by tax is a must as America is the only nation of our ilk that has NO healthcare. But that’s not what Obama did, he made a sweet-heart deal with the big Pharma and healthcare industries and now our premiums are $800 per month with $5000 deductables, hardly something to be proud of. Some say, well he tried, but no I don’t think so. Anyway point being, this time around, I found out more about Hilary and realized she was a bad person who probably is responsible for a great deal of corruption. It makes me sad as I’d love to see a woman president. But not just for that reason. Trump is a joke and I think the only reason he’s succeeded is a backlash against Obama, and Hilary, the latter being so unpopular with swing-voters. I myself believe the best choice is probably to introduce a third party in America but whether that will happen any time soon I doubt it. It’s hard because politics today is so corrupt there are no good candidates or good choices we are left with choosing the least bad person which is a horrible feeling. It says a lot about a country and a system when someone like Trump can do as well as he has.

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    1. My god, it amazes me how along the same lines we think sometimes. I felt exactly the same about Obama when he first ran and for the same reasons too! Obama care I agree with as well, it is NOT by any means what it should have been which is a joke considering the US should have long ago sorted out its healthcare system.
      Hilary I don’t trust at all because I have found out A GREAT DEAL about her (I used to think she was the bee’s knees) and it also annoys the hell out of me because I would LOVE a woman president, but as you say, not just for the sake of it. So now we have Trump the crazy narcissist and Hilary the dishonest…it is indeed a choice between the least bad. Terrible, isn’t it? Although I have to add that in Europe Trump would never have got as far as he has over there, “only in the US” I always say but in this case, it’s so true. I personally think American politics are a total joke in general, I mean, politics are a joke everywhere but it’s far worse in the US.

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      1. It’s a real shame about Hilary, I really think politics in this country since it’s all controlled by everyone BUT the politician is a huge SCAM because it’s about SO much money which precludes effectively anyone else or real or honest, ever being successful. I am disappointed that Hilary being female, couldn’t be more transparent but I think she’s probably a big fake, and I wonder if the many deaths surrounding the Clintons can be a coincidence (you can tell I’ve been listening to Richard Scerits Conspiracy Radio of late can’t you?). I think Trump may have succeeded at points in history in the EU (Italy perhaps) but generally it’s a very US thing although we all have our jokes you’re right, but we’re like the leader 😉 I think I’m going to vote Libertarian like that’s going to get anywhere … sigh
        I agree about Obama a real let-down I’m glad he was able to break the racial glass ceiling barrier for sure, but I also think don’t elect someone based upon skin color but upon merit, he was too green and this has been borne out time and again. Though compared to the Bushes he’s a king among men 😉
        xo (we are twins I’m the older one you’re the hot mini skirted one)


  3. I’m afraid Narcissism has already won. Worldwide.
    Will this particular freak make it to the top? I hope not. It would inevitably lead to WWIII.
    Et je me souviens de mon grand-père à Verdun, en 1916… 😦

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