Chameleons & sheep


The little girl squirmed on her mother’s knee, she wasn’t interested in stories and thought books were boring.

When her father tried to teach her the names of the different flowers, plants and trees, she sighed and wondered what the fuss was about.

All she wanted to do was to sit with the sheep out in the fields – they were fluffy and sweet – they didn’t attempt to speak to her, or teach her things. She liked to run her hands through their fleece while they stared vacantly into nothing.

One day, the little girl forgot to go home, or maybe she really didn’t want to, she slept between the sheep, dreaming in black and white, ate blades of grass, green stains spreading on her dress.

It was 2 weeks until they found her, she didn’t recognise her mother, she had lost the ability to speak and could do no more than bleat as they sought to brush her hair which had lost its shine and now resembled a tangled coarse mass of wool. She had only been gone 2 weeks but it took years to get her back to some semblance of normality – make of this story what you will.

*Have you noticed how some people take on the tastes, opinions, speech patterns, vocabulary, expressions and sometimes even habits and so on… of those they interact with the most? It’s a weird chameleon thing I’ve never quite understood, it seems to denote a lack of personality to me…or at least a weak one. I’ve had the occasion to observe this at close quarters many times in the past and very recently as well.  In any case…


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20 thoughts on “Chameleons & sheep

  1. Very interesting. Brings up a couple of things; 1. I take on the accents of people I talk to (some of them) which I dislike and it’s embarrassing and lame. I have a strong personality yet I still do this and you’ve made me think about possible reasons why and now I’m going to try extra hard not to! Despite this I cannot get an American accent AT ALL but I can do a really good Australian one (randomness). 2. This story reminded me of the children in India (?) who went missing, they found that they had been living/brought up by wolves, they had lost their ability to speak and they were able to to incredible things much like the wolves. When they were brought back to civilization one died because it could not thrive in that world (totally relate to that!) so this reminded me of that so much. It also reminded me of a fairy tale I read (Grimms?) where a girl is banished and her tongue is stopped so she cannot speak she crawls into a tree in a forest naked (of course) her hair grows down to her ankles and she lives in the tree hollow for years, not ageing (of course) and thorns and roses grow up around her (rose white?) until a prince comes and pierces them (metaphor not very subtle) and kisses her and takes her naked back to the castle where his father is the man who banished her and it’s something to do with being asked what’s important and saying ‘salt’ instead of something more obsequious … I don’t recall it all but the image of the girl in the forest alone not being able to speak. Anyway my mythical friend, this is one of many reasons I really, really liked this story plus the way it doesn’t give you all the answers.

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    1. Candice, I was really talking about people who go over the top, you know, the ones who will like culture and such if they hang with a culture hound but then will be all “ohhhh I love the kardashians” when they hang with an airhead. The ones who will change their opinions AND tastes AND speech depending on who it is they’re with.
      Now it is a fact that everyone more or less adopts little things from the people they interact with the most, that’s why they say that “if you’re the smartest person in the room, then you’re in the wrong room”
      Taking on accents from people is no big thing on its own and I think it happens quite a lot actually.
      Impressed with your ability to do ANY kind of accent since I can’t do any. Not British, not American, not anything, I can only do French with a dash of Sussex haha
      Yeah I remember that story of the kids brought up by wolves, just goes to show that environment is hugely important, it’s not just about the genes. As for your fairytale, I don’t recall that one, and I thought I had read every fairytale under the sun!

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      1. French with a dash of Sussex, I’m laughing SO MUCH at that!
        I agree with what you are saying here, I remember when I was doing my MA the teacher said ‘everyone in this class will necessarily have an IQ of over 125 points that’s du rigor for any masters or PhD student’ and I put up my hand without shame and said ‘nope mine’s lower’ because i hated that he was assumptive. Second, I recall he brought up some personality test can’t recall which but it was about what personality you have and how it fits your job, I got the TOTAL opposite. So I hope that’s what you meant, the idea of everyone being sheep and conforming to an idea without really questioning if the idea is valid to them or even applicable?


  2. I love this Nathalie!! I have seen so much of this in the social media world, Instead of enhancing originality, it is the opposite for so many. Have a wonderful evening! – Lola 🌺

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