Move along, people – there’s no karma here!


Brangelina is dominating the news. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you can’t have missed the announcement that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting divorced.
What truly amazes me, is how social media is awash with talks of “karma” and the fact that Jennifer Aniston (whom Brad Pitt left for Angelina) must be hysterical with joy at the news of the divorce.

WHY? It happened 12 years ago! Sure, it must have been a dark period in Jennifer’s life, mainly because it was all played out in public and the media would not let her mourn the end of her relationship in peace – they just wouldn’t let her forget that period in time. YEARS after the divorce, Jen was still being asked about it in interviews even though she had made it clear she did not want to talk about it anymore. She didn’t want to be seen as a victim, and who can blame her? Jennifer lost her husband to another woman, it happens all the time, all over the world. She mourned, she moved on – it’s the rest of the world that hasn’t.

Social media today was melting down with the fact that this divorce is “karma”, that Angelina got her ‘just deserts’ because she stole Brad from another woman – what a lot of bollocks.

The fact is, Angelina did not steal Brad: nobody can be stolen unless they want to be.
If Brad had a brief affair with Ange and then came back to Jen because he’d realised she was the love of his life, it would be different. We could neatly label Angelina as a dark temptress and claim she used some kind of femme fatale witchcraft to lure Brad away from his true love.
Except, Brad Pitt left Jennifer and never looked back: he went on to marry Angelina and adopt a brood of children with her – clear proof that this was no passing fad, no “madness of the moment”, no “temptation that he couldn’t resist and later regretted”.

I have never liked Brad, I never fancied him – and although I applaud his decision early on in his career to reject the heartthrob tag and his subsequent attempt to be considered a serious actor – I have found his acting too atrocious, too many times to respect him acting-wise. That said, it’s awfully clear to me that he left Jennifer Anniston because he fell in love with someone else. It happens, it might have been terribly painful for Jen at the time but it’s a story that’s occurred a million times over the history of mankind. I may not admire Brad as an actor, but as husband and father, I have nothing (that I know of in the last 12 years) to reproach him with. (I know there have been allegations of substance abuse and anger problems but until this is confirmed, we should reserve judgment.) 

As for Angelina, I am not a fan either but she clearly was dedicated to this man she married and started a (huge) family with. She obviously didn’t just lure him away from his wife just for thrills. She may have issues, she’s not perfect but she has done a lot of humanitarian work over the years. Leave her alone, there’s no “karma” involved here, just a woman going through the pain of a long and committed relationship ending.

I find it incredibly insulting for Jennifer Aniston that people should assume she’s been sitting there, waiting for this moment when her ex-husband’s marriage would implode.
It was 12 years ago, she’s had plenty of time to move on and if she has (and I assume she has, why not?) Brangelina’s divorce can’t have caused much of a reaction apart from “meh.”

12 years, people. It’s a hell of a long time to harbour the kind of feelings that would make you smile gleefully when you’re told your ex-husband is going through a divorce. 

What I find the saddest thing of all is that among all the bitchy comments on social media (I’m sure Jen is feeling real proud of her fans right now #Not), hardly anybody seems to remember that divorce is an awful thing, especially when there are children involved – some of them old enough to read all the shitty things written about their parents online. But, yet again, that’s the price of fame and celebrity, isn’t it? It always amazes me that anyone should aspire to be famous when you consider the utter lack of privacy – I can’t imagine having my personal traumas splashed all over the media with half the world commenting, judging, and even laughing bitchily. Ugh. Why would anybody want that?! 

*Written really quickly so again, forgive typos, clumsy turn of phrases, etc…*

29 thoughts on “Move along, people – there’s no karma here!

  1. I’m constantly impressed by your willingness to view these things from all sides. There is no need to conjure up a “villain of the piece” as is most people’s wont. The fact is, people make decisions all the time that benefit some and impact painfully on others. And, no, it really isn’t fair, but that’s just life being life unfortunately. Karma be damned.

    I’m not a big fan of either Brad or Angelina but I respect their right to have their privacy. I can’t imagine that this breakup will be easy for anyone involved, but then how would I know? And why should I know? It’s none of my business. And Jennifer deserves her privacy too. Let her gloat. Or not. Who cares either way? It’s her business, and hers alone.

    By not caring, we show these people more compassion than by continuing to use their private lives as fodder for malicious gossip. But then, what else can we expect? People gossip about their family and friends all the time, so unfortunately the glamorous celebrities we look up to will inevitably be sucked into that too.

    I enjoyed this piece. You really hit the nail on the head.

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    1. First of all, thank you for your opening. What a great compliment, thanks ever so much, Tony 🙂
      As for the rest, I agree with you. People will gossip, it’s just the way things are. What annoys me though is when pure stupidity makes an appearance as when I saw on Twitter yesterday: someone had tweeted that “it was almost worth the broken family just for the abundance of Jennifer Aniston gifs” WHO tweets that? It’s just so disgusting and gutter nasty and stupid. Humanity! *sighs*

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      1. I couldn’t agree more! That’s a pretty empty thing to be happy about. I think a lot of people would do well to step away from their computers at that point and go hug a real human being.

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  2. I agree Brad Pitts acting is rather poor – I remember seeing one of my fav Londoner musicians perform he said on stage “I’m going for a Brad Pitt” LMAO, thought that was very funny! As for Angelena, Well I actually thought she was very good in Girl Interrupted, (tho Winona Ryder was far better, but then she’s just great) – anyhow, I thought she was perfect for the role of the Tomb Raider character, looks wise, wasn’t it strange when she had the double vasectomy – that was a shocking story – I don’t follow celebs lives much really, shame about Brad and Angelina, I quite liked the idea of the 2 most beautiful super stars being connected that way, and adopting all those kids, all very nice, pity it hasn’t lasted more indefinitely – I shall have to google Jennifer Aniston – heard of her, but not really sure who she is!


    1. I love that you don’t know Jennifer Aniston – she was one of the main characters in the hugely successful TV show Friends. I personally don’t care about those type of celebrities: Brad Pitt I really don’t like and Angelina I’m not that bothered about. They all live in this funny sphere and “mere mortals” are in awe of them for a reason I can’t quite explain, except maybe for the emptiness of their own lives.


  3. I live under a rock apparently. Lol. I’m really just in the camp of, I don’t know them so they can do their thing without my care. 😊 Karma is a stupid thing to say. But people are shallow and stupid and like to think they’re superior. I wish them and their children well.

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    1. Oh yes, of course! But, at the end of the day, these things happen. It’s unfortunate and sad, but it does. For the record, I was always “Team Jen” 😉 but it was all such a long time ago, Jen has moved on, the rest of the world should too.


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  5. I confess I entered the fray enough to write a poem on AP about Bradgelina in respect of my outrage that Jon Voight the ‘loving’ father, was on Brad’s side re the kids. The reason for this had nothing to do with Brad or Angelina but everything to do with parenting and when a parent BETRAYS you to your core as I believe Angelina’s dad did. It was not about the Hollywood story that consumes everyone (whilst the world burns) but the issues behind it, such as you say here, divorce, pain, and lastly, betrayal. In my case I saw the betrayal of the parent, to his (adult) child. You never get over that shit no matter how old you get. I once had this occur in my life and it felt worse than almost anything else. The wrong people are sometimes parents, the right people are sometimes not parents. And it gets on my tits that we don’t see those things rather than focusing as you say, on Aniston who probably doesn’t give a shit.

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    1. OMG I am so with you on the Jon Voight thingy, he has repeatedly been a shit to Angelina over the years. I know all too well that you never EVER get over a parent betraying you, that shit sticks forever, no matter how secure you otherwise are. I want to read this poem, I’m going to look for it.

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      1. He’s a judging ASS that’s for sure and I really felt for her, because sure, I don’t know her, or really care to, but I care that any child at any age would be BETRAYED by a parent (especially when he knows she lost her mom) it’s just shit and I’d deck him if I could get away with it.


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