Save The Day

I’m being shameless here, but that’s because there is no other choice at this point. Soon, very soon, there will be a decision to be made and it might seem better not to bother when you have to choose between a madman and a dishonest, corrupt woman – none of the optionsย look good, does it really matter which? Yes, it does, it matters for all of us, USA and the rest of the world included. Dishonesty and corruption are never desirable, but they are still a step-up from sheer and utter lunacy – save the day.

PS: I’ve been in love with Robert Downey Jr for years, a fact ย I’m revealing in the interest of transparency but which had nothing to do with my burning need to share this video ๐Ÿ˜‰


28 thoughts on “Save The Day

  1. Something we disagree with. My opinion is keep her out since she’s already jeapodized national security. He wins? Nothing but gridlock and in 4 years, we’ll be rid of both. To me, her collusion with the administration, justice department and FBI is corruption of the highest order. Nixon deleted 18 minutes of audio and was forced to resign. She deleted 30000 emails after congress demanded their preservation. Where is her punishment? I love Downey. An amazing actor!!

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    1. Rob, FINALLY we disagree on something, I’m so glad, we were getting on far too well ๐Ÿ˜‰
      I agree with what you said about Hillary, totally, HOWEVER I believe you are underestimating the Trump menace. There is a hell of a lot of damage he can do in 4 years, a hell of a lot! I’m going to go to extremes here, but if anybody could manage to start another world war, it would be him! The man is crazy, Rob, crazy!
      I would do anything to stop him from being elected, although it is of course out of my hands.


      1. I think that Hillary had been successful in framing this image. That’s all she does, since she can’t rum on her record. You give him too much credit, yet don’t appreciate the menace she is to our republic. I will gladly take this discussion off line, with the hope that we can also discuss our favorite reading habits. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      2. Thank you, Rob! Enjoy the rest of your evening ๐Ÿ™‚
        For the record, my opinion of Trump is not based on “Hillary propaganda”, (I’m well aware she has pushed the ‘madman card” because it suits her) but on my own research based on many hours of footage I’ve watched, hundred of articles I’ve read and so on. Maybe I flatter myself when I say I’m quite perceptive when it comes to analysing people but…I believe I am, and the opinion I have formed of Trump is really, really bad.
        There, maybe you will have to send me that email after all ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. Why do I find it annoying when people, because they are “stars” feel compelled to offer their opinion as though we are influenced by their political leanings. Those who are going to vote will vote, those who are not don’t give a rat’s ass what Downey thinks. Look at all the years we begged him to seek help. Get out and vote folks, there’s a lot riding on this…ie; the supreme court.

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    1. Holly, I completely agree with you. Do you remember we once discussed this when I wrote a piece about Sam Smith making an ass out of himself at the Oscars? We said then that celebrities shouldn’t assume we care about what they think, hence it would be better if they kept their mouths shut.
      So, in view of this, WHY did I share this video? I hesitated I admit, I found it (the video) slightly embarrassing to tell the truth BUT I believe the Trump menace is too great not to put my principles aside just this once. The thing is, you and I are not people who are in awe of celebrities BUT there are others out there who actually care what the “stars” have to say, and more people than you think would actually “follow the lead” of someone famous they admire. It’s sad, it’s pathetic actually, but it’s a fact.
      I am frankly terrified by the idea of Trump as POTUS, terrified. This is what compelled me to share a “celebrity” video which is something I would normally never do.
      For the record, I LOVE Robert Downey but I would never be influenced by what he has to say about anything UNLESS I already believed it myself. I have never ever been swayed by celebrities, if somebody I admire talks s**t, then they are talking s**t, I would never defend them just because I “love” them. In fact, they would go down in my opinion pretty fast. But yet again, a lot of people will defend a celebrity to the death even if they are acting in a most repulsive way, such is the world.

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      1. I was being a bit tongue on cheek and a smart ass as usual. It is solid proof people will absolutely follow like lemmings right over the cliff… Many of Mr Trumps rabid followers have physically attacked and ejected peaceful protestors from his rallies. We don’t do that here – until now. It’s a very scary phenomenon witnessed only one other time in a the history of civilized countries. Thanks for the post Nathalie.

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