The light from the stars
bleeds into the sky
brutal in its honesty β€”
no deceit
no lies
no silver tongue prophecies
or false promises
of a golden destiny
just merciless, cold beauty

*I had a fantastic weekend filled with friends, love, memorable moments and laughter: some of the things happening in my city in the last couple of days, you couldn’t make up if you tried = much hilarity was derived from it. The beautiful place where I live has often attracted the deranged attention-seekers over the years; you know what ‘they’ say : the people who are in therapy aren’t the ones who need it the most. Anyway, hope you guys have had (and are still having) a great weekend – let’s start this upcoming week flying high πŸ™‚ *

Image credit: foto_spirit on Instagram

23 thoughts on “Honesty

      1. Oh, just saw this. I am so sick of WordPress and its lack of notifications at the moment. I swear it’s never been as bad as this and I’ve had this blog for 3 years!
        Anyway, I’m sorry your week didn’t get off to a flying start, I do hope it’s improved somewhat – hugs

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  1. Nat this is beautiful.
    I love your poetry, I miss it when you don’t write it but I equally love your thoughts.
    It’s nice when a person can do everything right as a writer
    yeah that’s you
    (and truth is all and all is truth or should be, and if it were, the world would not be as fucked)


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