Fables of old


Lurking in the depths, where light doesn’t dare penetrate, I wait patiently for my prey.

Hush, hear my whispers mingling with the crush of the waves,
listen to the fierce winds carrying false promises of a sweet embrace.

Sailors caught in the heart of the storm are a stellar prize β€” before sunrise,
come to me in a great swarm, fearful yet eager to be torn
to pieces, ready to enter the pages of the fables of old.

You will taste the salt on my lips, be buried in the emerald fluids of my crypt – your deaths, tales of your shipwrecks will be made into songs cherished by future generations – ensuring that neither you nor I ever fall into oblivion.

Image credit:Β nina-y.deviantart.com

37 thoughts on “Fables of old

  1. Blimey this is beautiful my friend! What a perfect image to go with the idea of a siren. In many ways you are like that, I can see the contrast. I have always been fascinated with the stories of sirens and this is a wonderful addition in the form of prose-poetry. Well done!

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      1. Yeah me too this is prob why we like GOT isn’t it? Have you ever read anything by Patrick Rothfuss? He’s freaking amazin

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