To the very end

When they sit there and lie to your face.
Even though there is nothing to gain because it’s already been agreed that this is IT, that the end has been well and truly reached.
Yet, they lie. They have a very last chance to be as honest as you are being right now, to change the habit of a lifetime, to finally do things right.
But instead they listen to you speak the truth, and they lie.
I cannot comprehend such a level of dishonesty, how anyone could be so weak and cowardly, how they can have so little respect for others (and even themselves) that they would lie. To the very end.
I. Just. Can’t.

16 thoughts on “To the very end

  1. The other day about this time, I wrote a very similar thing, decrying the fucking LIARS TO LIE TO YOUR FACE and then I read this and I’m like OKAY the Twilight ZONE soundtrack isn’t enough! Ah but it is good to know I am not alone in my experiences, though uncanny to know my other French sister is experiencing the same shit across the pond. Liars. Those idiots who think they can hoodwink a thinking person with their pretty little lies. So tedious. I want to wear a t-shirt that says OH YOU REALLY THINK SO DO YOU? But it doesn’t do any good, part of the lie is that THEY believe they are believed. Sadly they get away with it a lot. Lying is not considered a sin it’s considered cool if you lie and get away with it. WTF? Sorry, I may not be Mary Poppins (tips hat at ealrier post) but I don’t think it’s COOL to be a stinkin liar I think it’s SAD. Glad you know the diff between right and wrong, that’s all it’s about, those who think they can run with their lies will be caught, it just doesn’t come fast enough sometimes.

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    1. We are following similar paths, aren’t we? How really weird and at the same time…comforting? For me anyway. Fuck that actually sounds selfish, sorry Cand. I am NOT actually happy that somebody has decided to also try to make you swallow shit, like they have me.
      But, yes, the liars! WHY in the freaking hell, why?
      I want that t-shirt too because it sometimes astonishes me that people OBVIOUSLY lie to your freaking face and expect you to sit there and believe it and if you don’t, to at least KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.
      Well, tough luck here because I have NEVER been able to keep quiet when somebody insults my intelligence.
      I don’t expect everyone to be as honest as me, but come the hell on, there are limits. Lying shows such a lack of respect to the people you’re lying to AND a lack of respect for yourself too! Hence liars are cowardly worms, so what’s the point of them?
      Yeah they get away with it a lot because so many people are stupid or don’t dare challenge them.
      There is NOTHING cool about lying, even if you can away with it. Although I think the compulsive liars only get away with it for so long, there’s no way you can go through your entire life successfully lying to everyone – UNLESS you’re a freaking genius and let’s be honest, most liars are not that clever to start with.

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      1. Maybe love, we should expect others to be as honest? j’us sayin! (right? right?) I think it’s true, people get away with it because people do NOT challenge them. Sorry been out a few days, been a bit sick feeling a bit better now, how is work (writing/school) going? I emailed you back xo


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