Standing on the shoulders of giants — Rose Gold *II*


So, this is what it feels like to stand on the shoulders of giants, victors of the years with their wisdom and battered tridents.
The fragrant liquorice-flavoured breeze as we kiss…one of the many pieces sliding into the puzzle slowly, yet effortlessly. Mediocrity & redundant feelings have been packed in haste in an old suitcase full to bursting – they no longer exist, it’s just us in the purple mist with the world at our feet. No photographs are needed: when it’s this real, you don’t Instagram it — you live it, and breathe it in.

We are on the cusp of tremendous. The trust between us is more than precious, it’s priceless. No rushed promises, only those we know will be kept. No secrets which eat away – corrosive acids – destructive termites weakening already fragile relationships. Strong hints of love and hope rather than highs and lows. With every shared detail, fragment of our past, we draw closer to the L word because, how can we ever get to truly love each other if we don’t peel back all the layers, if we are not conscious of what made us who we are now?

To enter with one’s eyes wide open, to see the dirt in the corners and not run – to fall for, but not be blinded – by the sun
is the crux of stories with a happy ending.

Depth on every level, none of this feels ephemeral.

You and I are standing together facing the horizon painted with clouds of crimson passion, somber shades left far behind us. To have chemistry is a wonderful thing, but when it’s added to a meeting of the minds and fusion of the hearts, it’s a winning combination – dare I say it – it bears the mark of a divine intervention.

“Puisque dans l’air du temps, on n’aime plus vraiment.”

Image credit: Nois7 on Instagram

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