Done with The Walking Dead


If you haven’t seen last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, stop reading instantly.

Right, now I can vent – this is my 5 minutes write-up about the first episode of Season 7.
I have been ambivalent about this show since the whole “fake” death with Glenn on that dumpster. It was such an emotional scene and it turned out it hadn’t actually happened. Hmm, okay.
Then the season ended with somebody dying, but they couldn’t show us who that was, choosing to let us wait months for the answer. Cheap tricks again. I was SO annoyed at the Season 7 Finale that I said I might be done with the show.

I gave it another chance, watched last night’s episode and all I can say is…no. No, no and fucking no.
Unnecessary cheap tricks again: it took them more than 15 minutes to show us who it was Negan settled on in that season finale – it was sooooo drawn out because obviously the last 7 months were not enough of a cliffhanger (*wants to shoot whoever is responsible for this) Turns out Negan’s “random” choice is Abraham and we’re all like: “yawn” – not a “main” main character. To be fair, he has a typical parting shot and it works. Then Glenn gets it after all – thanks to Daryl’s incredibly stupid move. After what we’ve been through with Glenn last season, this?! Come on, guys. 

There was a weird scene about Rick needing to “get the axe” which really didn’t serve any purpose as far as I could see *cough, filler, cough* There was a demand to cut Carl’s arm just to break Rick who was still not looking at Negan “the right way” *rolling my eyes*

I’m sorry but this show has turned into a joke. Negan is just such an attention seeker with his villainy. “Oh look, I’m hard me, and I’m going to take 15 fucking minutes to explain why and how.”
Like, shut the fuck up and bash somebody’s head already!

Negan’s long monologue pissed me off when he was introduced last season so you can imagine my joy that last night, there was an ENTIRE episode devoted to him TALKING – he sure as hell likes the sound of his own voice and I’m not even mentioning the prancing, walking back and forth – in short, the ACTING! I’m sorry but I just don’t buy him with his charisma and his slim fit leather jacket, perfectly arranged scarf and coiffed hair. 

Then, and this is a BIG thing for me: the deaths were far, FAR too gruesome. I mean, this is a show about zombies and of course you expect gore and that’s fine. But the way the camera “lovingly” lingered on Abraham and Glenn’s heads being pulverised was DISGUSTING.

It was like gore porn! Maybe some people get off on that shit, but I’m not one of them.

I’m sorry AMC but you’ve lost the plot. You’ve lost me as well. I really think I’m done with the show now. I don’t fall for unnecessary cheap tricks and I really resent it when people insult my intelligence “trying it” on so blatantly. Glenn was one of my favourite characters, I should have been distraught by his death…except I went through the crying and being distraught LAST season when we all thought he had died THEN…so in last night’s episode, I felt clinically detached even when his eye popped out of its socket, because…the tricks. The strings which should be pulled out of sight are dangling so obviously in the middle of the screen that it makes it impossible to take any of what happens seriously.

hate giving up on a show I’ve been watching for years, one that has given me so many amazing moments…but I just can’t do this any longer — I’m very selective with EVERYTHING and The Walking Dead just doesn’t make the cut anymore.

40 thoughts on “Done with The Walking Dead

  1. Negan’s blood lust was over the top. Killing Glen for Daryl’s outburst made no sense, either. I thought that the character of Negan is cartoonish, and not on the level of The Governor, who was more frightening because of how low key was. I’m going to try next week and see if it’s less gruesome. The one thing that came out of the premiere was the fact that the humans are far worse than the undead.

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    1. Daryl…I don’t even know what to say. It made NO SENSE that he should punch the man who just pulverised one of them. What did he think was going to happen?? How very stupid of him. He’s now officially responsible for Glenn’s death, nice.

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      1. I know. What of Maggie? I thought she was the one. What of her pregnancy? Does she lose the baby and turn into a vengeful killer? I think that the storyline has changed drastically from where they first began. I really liked it when they were a tiny group in a growing world of walkers.

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      2. Ya, it was really harsh on Maggie. I don’t know, if I was her I’d be massively pissed with Daryl.
        I think I may have a problem with the way the storyline is going too. We’ve gone through so many seasons without running into big organised gangs like Negan’s and now we have, it’s just like…meh

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      3. It’s funny because I’ve just read reviews of last night’s episode and they are generally quite good though they agree with me the violence was gratuitous. I’m surprised at the critics’ judgement here because I was really disappointed by that episode.

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      4. I agree, so gratuitous. It’s as though they did that because they had to emphasize how cruel Negan is. I don’t need him to pulverize a cadaver to understand that. Another puzzling piece for me is how did he get to that power, where no one would just shoot him. Surely SOMEONE from his gang must have gone through what Rick did, and would want revenge.

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      5. Yes, cruelty could have been shown in a number of ways, most of which would have been more effective than a villain who “takes the stage” and parades for AGES with his bat before he makes somebody’s head explodes in technicolor!

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      6. And YES, WHERE did Negan come from? I still have a problem with that. We’d hardly heard of him not long ago and by the end of last season we found out the guy is the KING of the apocalypse, being able to predict when Rick will leave Alexandria, and to cut off ALL roads with an army of people blocking his way. Negan even predicted Rick would send a decoy and try to sneak through the woods and he was there just waiting.
        So, the explanation for Negan’s sudden appearance is that Rick killed his men…okay. But considering how EVIL he’s meant to he, wouldn’t he have turned his attention to Alexandria before now anyway?!

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    2. I just don’t buy Negan, he’s far too cartoonish with the talking on and on, the laughs, etc…
      It doesn’t work for me, I agree that the governor was scarier. Negan is charismatic, yes, but he’s a drama queen – thanks, but no thanks.

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  2. I’m impressed you got as far into the show as you did, I gave up after the first episode of season three, the prison one I think it was. The cheap tricks they have to keep people watching suggests that the writers probably don’t have enough confidence that the audience would keep watching were it not for the terrible need for cliffhangers.

    Westworld is grabbing me at the moment and the wait for Twin Peaks is just too painful!

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  3. Negan is far too over the top, and the episode showed too much of him… came across as cartoonish. The only reason for all the axe stuff, so far as I could see it, was to tease fans of the comics with the “Rick’s about to lose a hand” notion – this may yet happen… it did in the comics, much earlier

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    1. Yes! Exactly. He just went on and on, walking around with that stupid bat in his hand and it was just an annoying never ending monologue.
      I know about Rick losing his hand in the Comics so at first I thought THAT was the point of the axe segment, and yet…no. Hence why I saw it as a ridiculous filler.

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      1. It was. Also, the fact Rick was visualising every single one of them being bashed over the head…did we really need to wait until 20 minutes in to know and be teased with his “visions” before the reveal? We’d just waited 7 months!!

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      2. Haha this reminds me of the time my brother’s email got hacked. Whoever did it obviously took the time to skim through some of his emails…because I got one, seemingly from him, that told me he was in Africa with my mum, that she was in hospital and that he needed an urgent money transfer. Of course I knew that neither he nor my mother were anywhere near near Africa…but the touch that I LOVED was that the email also said that Tom was also in trouble, that he had been attacked by a “gang” and that they were holding him up for ransom…Tom is my mother’s cat! 😂😂

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  4. See, and I couldn’t get into the Walking Dead but I felt this about other shows big time. *spoiler alert* I recall when Medium ended and fucking Alison BETRAYED US by dying as an old woman after fucking JOE died tragically earlier on. WTF??? Then in Saving Grace (yes, yes I know it’s a dumb show but Holly Hunter freakin rocked it!) she fucking BURNS TO DEATH!!! Naw… I *wasn’t down with that shit! I felt ANGRY! ha ha ha ha! (I totally take TV too seriously and I’m deathly proud of it!).
    There is only one thing worse than a beloved show going off the rails, or killing fave characters at the end, and that is when they don’t freakin RENEW THE SHOW (Firefly) or they cancel it early! ARGHHHHH! I think they are going to do that with 12 MONKEYS and I absolutely LOVE that show. Alas alack and all of that.
    (Oh and let’s not even GO THERE with the re-boot of the X-files!)
    Disheartened x

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  5. Ironically this show ended at Terminus for me…even though I lasted two more seasons it seems the plot has gone circular and no one knows what to do with it…I agree it has lost its own vision. It may well be deservedly done…what a shame!

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  6. You are selective and that’s amazing! Just look arround how many people swallowing all this commercial shit without knowing that they are poisoined! Contaminated spiritually and physically they continue their inertial life and they need to be enlightened by your selectiveness! By the great French literature Honore de Balzac,Eugene Sue, Guy de Maupassant, by films of Alain Delon, Lino Ventura, Jean Gabin,the music of Jacques Brel, Joe Dassen. We should prapagate it between our youth raising the delicate taste! I’m taking my hat off!

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    1. You do me to much honour but thank you! I agree that the majority of people aren’t selective enough, that they blindly swallow all kind of rubbish and what’s more, they do it with a smile on their face!

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