Blogging, accusations and threats

WHY is it that people can’t grasp the fact that if you’re going to accuse someone of lying, you should bring proof to the table? You can’t make accusations and not back them up, that’s not how it works. It’s not a hard concept to understand, is it?

If you’re wondering where this is coming from, well, from my previous post where somebody chose to comment when it had NOTHING to do with him, because he’s obviously been seething for weeks due to the post I wrote about him getting upset that I wasn’t retweeting him like he was retweeting me. That was weeks ago, I never named him or his blog in that post but now he’s come out of the woods to say all kinds of horrible things about me when he doesn’t even know me. His last comment was DISGUSTING and an actual threat. 

I am so sick and tired of stupid people coming on my blog to spew their shit. It is enough to make you consider quitting altogether.

25 thoughts on “Blogging, accusations and threats

  1. I’m sorry. I hear you. One of the most challenging things for me as a blogger was encountering so much vitriol and outrage. It still surprises me sometimes. The internet tends to provide cover for a lot of keyboard warriors, people who are pretty cowardly irl, but get all big and bad when they’re hiding behind their keyboard. Try not to take it too personally and know that you are not alone.

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    1. Oh, I know what to expect. I’ve been on the receiving end of some vile stuff in the past. It’s just…sometimes it’s harder than others and I’m really not in the mood for it right now.
      You’re right, people are so cowardly hiding behind their keyboards. It amazes me because bar a very few exceptions, I have never said anything online I wouldn’t be happy to say in person. Then again, I am not a coward. Too many people are.
      Thank you for your comment, I think us women fall victim to this more often than men.

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  2. Don’t let anyone take you away from us, Nathalie. It’s their vile existence, and they have to sleep with the knowledge of how wretched they are. Too many people gather courage from a place that offers no retaliation. So sad.

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    1. Rob, I just rescued this from the spam folder!
      Thank you, you sweet lovely man. I would never just leave without thinking it through first because…well, you know: you should never make important decisions when you’re angry or upset or in thrall to any powerful emotion.
      Thanks again, you are so right: they have to sleep with the knowledge of how wretched they are

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  3. Yikes! I just recently received my first nasty comment but it was on an anti-Trump post I had written so I wasn’t too surprised. Thankfully I haven’t heard anything more from him. But after reading your previous post and this guys comments, I was really shocked. Especially as you pointed out, you never mentioned him by name. See, this is one of the reasons I’ve been reluctant to join other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. I think it is too easy for people to get nasty and personal using their keyboards. I really, really hope you don’t hear anything more from him.🙋🏻

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    1. I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with a “troll” but, yeah, writing about Trump negatively (is there any other way?) will attract those types of people.
      I’ve had problems on my blog before but this was quite vicious today and unsettling. I really don’t mind people disagreeing with me but he was just making nasty personal attacks and that’s not acceptable.
      Facebook has been (kinda) okay but Twitter I’ve had more problems with. I still love Twitter though.
      I guess that as soon as you are on any kind of public site, you’re “taking risks”, which is sad. But I can usually deal with it…just…today was not a good day for that to happen.
      Thank you so much for your support, it means a hell of a lot to me 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Eric. As our mutual über special friend Candice said, it comes with the territory: if you speak your mind and highlight the truth, there’s always going to be people seeking to extinguish your light.
      Thanks again, my lovely friend 💜

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  4. One thing my lovely, that I have noticed, is those who have an opinion will always be the fodder for the haters among us. Fortunately beautiful girl, this says MORE about you not less. It says that you are a woman who is NOT afraid to have an opinion, you are NOT a blank slate, you are not a shallow vessel, you are a person of integrity, opinion and guts.
    When I was younger I used to have that dumb idea of wishing everyone liked me. But I realized, if you have an opinion, if you have a brain, if you are strong, you will not, you can not, be liked by everyone. And worse, there will be some, who for NO reason will hate you.
    I read this before I experienced this. Then I experienced it. People, both genders (mostly women) hating me for NO REASON.
    Even if there is a reason it’s a SHIT REASON (as far as you are concerned and any reason they have to dislike you is spurious in the extreme). It’s about THEM it is not about YOU and if they seem to make it about you it is because something about you is uncompromising and shining a truth into them that THEY cannot handle.
    It says more about your strength and their weakness than anything else.
    That said, I hate, hate, hate that this happens and worse yet, I hate, hate, hate that you would EVER consider leaving ‘here’ and ‘this’ because of THEM and their NARROW SOUL.
    As others have said above, DO NOT DO THIS because then they win and because YOU ARE MORE THAN THAT but it doesn’t mean I don’t understand. I do. I do and I do.
    Just hold on to one thing. This does NOT happen because of any deficit in your character, QUITE the reverse, and there will always be haters, of the most beautiful and luminescent souls and fortunately, to counter-balance that, there will always be those of us who ADORE YOU and so you will ALWAYS BE ADORED and the hate will never win it will just continue to envy and fester ALONE AND UNLOVED. (evil laugh) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    1. You are so right, Candice. Anybody who has an opinion is automatically a target for idiots. Why is that? Is it because they can’t have one themselves? Is it because they are unable to think therefore they automatically resent people who can?!
      I’ve once had someone attack me because I said I was disappointed by the latest Adele album. I said she was really good at the heartbreak thing but I was expecting something different after she got married and had a baby. I said that a real artist should be able to diversify, not draw on the same old thing over and over.
      That was MY opinion, I don’t expect everyone to share it but I’m entitled to it.
      Well, I only posted this on FB but “the narcissist” who was still friends with me at that point attacked me in the vilest manner.
      He got personal, he was mean…because he loves Adele and apparently defending her (when she doesn’t give a shit about him) was more important than respecting me and our friendship. WTAF?!
      I was so disgusted.
      I once heard someone say that “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything” and I was like…seriously?! Where would THE WORLD BE if everyone thought like that? Obviously nobody should spew hate for no good reason, we agree on that. But surely, if you see something wrong, you should be able to say so? Like, are you meant to shut up simply because “it isn’t a nice thing to say”?
      The world would still be IN THE DARK AGES if people only spoke to say “nice things” – what a load of BS!

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      1. ESPECIALLY women, if a woman has an opinion, and an attractive woman? OH other women hate her! And men quiver! Yes it’s such a double-standard. I hate that. But I shall never wish for popularity as long as having an opinion is seen as a deficit. And I totally agree (wow that’s weird I thought that EXACT same thing) that if all we said in the world was NICE stuff that would be as fucked as lying or being horrible all the time! I think they do that in America and it’s absurd as it’s the total opposite of what everyone’s meaning! WOW that nauseates me. TELL THE TRUTH even if it hurts, it’s REAL don’t flatter me when you don’t mean it and don’t tell me I’m a fuck head if I’m not. Right?


    2. I’m not going to leave WordPress. It was a knee-jerk statement but I know you should never make any decisions when in the thrall of any emotions whether it’s anger or whatever. Well, I’m over it and I’m not going anywhere, fuck the fuckwits!
      Thank you for once again being the most amazing supporting sister anyone could ever have.
      Your common sense and no nonsense attitude is EVERYTHING xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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      1. I’m just glad you’re not going anywhere, then I don’t have to send out the dragons 😉 (I would as well)


  5. it’s already in the past… gone, dead, and burried!!!
    * * *
    @”I am so sick and tired of stupid people coming on my blog to spew their shit.” – unfortunately the WWW is full of that kind of “deranged specimens” or haters – en lliberté non-surveillée…

    we’ve all faced hatred and/or resentment – at least once during our lifetime… hate is nicknamed “the bastard of fear”, as haters can’t stand that other people are happy to live, able to face the problems of life with serenity, they envy us and do believe that we’ve “stolen” their existence…. thus, they adopt a hostile, intolerant, negative, hateful behavior towards the others, their lack of security and self-confidence turns into verbal aggressiveness or threats… according to psychologists, these are frustrated, envious, jealous and “complexed” people, with a heavy past, a childhood and/or an adolescence deprived of parental attention and affection…

    their hatred is total and often arises from the need to be loved by someone who has rejected them, but actually, a hater hates himself, and tends to take revenge on the first person who is within reach… in our “civilized world”, hatred or hostility can be hidden beneath fake smiles and kind words… hate is like their “Achilles’ heel”, it causes severe diseases – both physical and mental, therefore, it’s better and healthier to avoid such negative and toxic folks… and NO revenge, as it would be like shooting an ambulance(French expression!), because only the “weak ones” feel the need for it, while the strong and sane ones have no intention or spirit of revenge – they simply ignore them, and move on, ahead and forward… 🙂
    * * *
    HHH… ❤


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