Sense and sensibility

You don’t understand, I wouldn’t think of doing such things if I hadn’t been pushed to my limits.

I know that. But it’s not the point and you know it.

I’ve got this really good story, I’ve pitched it, I’ve got a major news website interested in it and the only reason I haven’t done anything about it is because it would get him in trouble. I know if our positions were reversed, he wouldn’t hesitate to drop me in it especially if it helped his career. What’s stopping me now?

From a lawyer’s viewpoint, I have to say you’re well within your rights. There’d be no legal repercussions for you. But…


But you’re too nice, that’s why you haven’t done anything about it yet. You know that if you went ahead, you’d probably regret it afterwards. It’d be too late to take it back then. Are you really prepared to possibly ruin somebody’s career, even if it’s a sick fuck’s career?

So I’m supposed to forget about a story I really care about so as to show decency to someone who has shown me none whatsoever? The journalist in me is screaming.

There’s no “supposed” about it. It is up to you. I’m just pointing out that you should think about this very carefully because once it’s done, there’s no going back. You can’t stand hurting people. That’s what got you in this mess in the first place.

You already know me too well. What about his friends and family? Don’t they deserve to know what he is? What he’s capable of? I’ve got tons, TONS of messages to prove the depth of his sickness & deceit…

You’re only telling me this because you know it’s a bad idea and you want me to tell you it is a bad idea.

Maybe. I’m just so angry.

I know. Think about it. You’d make a great case, I’m sure. You have a lawyer’s mind if I ever saw one. But… You’re too intelligent not to work through your anger. You’re too intelligent, period. You’d destroy whoever you went up against, we both know that. They’d have no chance against you but I repeat: you’re too nice. You’re not ruthless, you haven’t got it in you, no matter how angry you are right now.

Do you have to be so wise and sensible?

Look, anybody who’s done what they have to you needs their face rearranged…

But? I sense a but again…

But you’ve got to let it go. You’re not going to feel any better by taking revenge. You’re not them, you’re you. You don’t work like that.

So I’m supposed to let it all go, even the money he took from me under false pretenses, the emotional abuse that went on for years, the constant lying…and even now he’s telling people I’m a freak, a demented woman, some kind of stalker even…and he can produce all my angry posts as evidence because they don’t have a fucking clue about the abuse that led me to write those posts…he’s tarnishing my reputation…

Who are these people he’s telling?

You know, his friends and…

Do you care about these people?

God, no!

Well then.

Well then? That’s it? I don’t care about those people but it’s the fact he’s lying to them…about me…and they swallow it all…okay, what if I bump into him while he’s with that stupid little girl of his? I won’t be able to stop myself from saying something.

Not if you’re with me. You’ll hold my hand and walk away. You have too much class to acknowledge a) stupidity and b) venom

I feel there should be a couple more letters here, at least a c?

I can give you the entire alphabet if you like. You might be a warrior but you shouldn’t be fighting people who are not worthy of you.

You don’t understand. I’d never really had drama…not REAL drama, until this freak came into my life…I saved him from so much crap…and yet he was abusive and cruel and lied to me to the very end! I could so easily bury him with what I know…

Undoubtedly. Isn’t that enough? The knowledge that you could and yet choose not to?

You’re not charging me for this, are you? Because I definitely can’t afford your hourly rate. Doesn’t all this make you want to scarper? A lot of guys would run a mile if they were confronted with this shit so early on…

I’m not a lot of guys. I’m not going anywhere. Don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re a really bad liar and I can spot liars a mile off, comes with the territory. That’s one of the things I love about you: your honesty. You met a sick fuck who took advantage of your generosity and kind heart. It happens. It’s not your fault and it says far more about him than it does about you. Anybody who knows you and cares about you knows the truth, forget about his friends. If they can’t see he’s stark raving bonkers, it’s nothing to do with you.

Bonkers? laughing! You British people and your expressions…but no, of course they can’t see. They don’t know him at all. They think there’s nothing wrong with moving in with somebody you’ve known less than 2 months. Leaving your country and the family you love sooo much for someone you haven’t even known 2 months, WHO does that but the deluded and desperate?! They’re both in dire need of therapy…

Nobody in their right mind would do that… but it’s nothing to do with you. Let it go. The sick fuck has done enough damage. He’s taken enough from you, don’t let him take anymore. Carry on being happy and successful. Sick fucks don’t get to be happy, they rarely get to be successful. You’re brave, he’s a coward. You are all that matters. Fuck him.

*End of transcript which is published with the Lawyer’s full knowledge*


31 thoughts on “Sense and sensibility

    1. How can you comment on something you know nothing about? I’m not going to get personal on here because this is a public site and it’s not my style. But I thought we’d agreed to stay out of each other’s way. I’m sorry you got upset I didn’t visit your blog, I’m sorry you thought I “owed” you something because you commented on my posts occasionally and tweeted about them a couple of times but I never did owe you anything. I don’t know you and I have no wish to know you. You don’t know me either so why come on here and comment? You’re far too old to be so childish, give it up.

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      1. Your deluded. And a proven liar. I came on here to highlight that fact. You have written bulls hit about me. And I bided my time . simple as that. It’s always someone else’s fault with you. And by the way , it was me that had to block you on twitter. You are getting old. Get use to it. Mutton dressed as lamb. 😁


      2. You can’t even spell, and you obviously don’t know grammar, Mister.
        ” A proven liar”, how?! I see no proofs. At all. Because you have none.
        “It’s always someone else’s fault with me”?
        HOW would you know that when you don’t know me?! You know NOTHING about me and my life YET you know that it’s always “somebody else’s fault”? LOL
        You “bided your time” to do what?!
        I am unclear about that. What have you achieved?
        “I’m getting old”? “Mutton dressed as lamb”? HOW would you know how old I am?! You do NOT know me. Do I have to repeat this?
        So I told you you were too old to act childish and you just throw that insult back in my face? How original.
        You are pathetic, Paul. Very kindly fuck off right out of my life.

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      3. I will NOT take anything down. It wasn’t bullshit, it was what happened. You know, you’re really quite stupid…I never named you in that post, why would I? I’m not mean or nasty by nature…but now you’ve publicly declared the post was about you. How STUPID.
        I have only ever written about ONE person on this blog, the ONE person who’s made my life a misery for years so HOW you can say that “it’s always somebody else’s fault”, I have no clue. You are the one who is deluded here. I will not have YOU or ANYONE order me to take down posts on my blog. Do you understand? Are we clear?
        Now, really, just fuck off.

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      4. Good girl. Your readers now know what a manipulative woman you are.. Fine, keep it up. I’m very thick-skinned. That post is not true! My readers know that. I’m only one of many victims.You’ve been found out. Now you can fuck off!


      5. Me? Manipulative? Hahaha that’s hysterical!
        “Good girl”? How very patronising, love it!
        That ONE post you’re complaining about was AGES ago, and I didn’t mention your name or blog in it at any time to spare you…but now you seem to be happy to announce you’re the guy who got upset because you tweeted me and I didn’t do the same for you.
        If ANYBODY is showing ANYTHING here, it’s you. You’re showing yourself to be pathetic and real sad.
        “You’re only one of many victims”? Lol
        Bring them all out! I want to hear from them, where are they? I challenged you in the earlier reply to explain HOW you had proven me to be a liar, you didn’t reply, surprise surprise and now there’s more accusations coming from you, TOTALLY unsupported. Give it up. You’re embarrassing yourself

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      6. More bullshit. Give it up. You’re a crow. Your lif’s fucked-up. Your choices. I’m happy and you are not. I feel sorry for you. Don’t reply again. I have better things to do.


      7. Okay, that’s it. I’ve given you all the chances to explain your accusations away and you haven’t… because you can’t.
        Now you’re just being rather vile. Gratuitously vile. You do NOT KNOW ME so do NOT tell me about my life and my choices. Do NOT order me to not reply either. What the fuck is wrong with you?!
        It’s lucky I don’t make harsh judgements because that’s the second really stupid Irish person I’ve encountered in the same week. As I said, LUCKY I don’t make harsh, rushed judgements, like YOU!
        Now, keep away or I will have to report you.


      8. There was NO racism in my reply, you’d know that if you understood English, and as far as I’m concerned you’re now making actual threats. You are not getting away with that.


      9. Where’s the threat? I said I would report you. Calling me a stupid Irishman is racist. If you don’t stop this, I will report you to the police. Stay away from me.


      10. OMG just GO AWAY! You don’t understand English obviously, otherwise you would have seen there was no racism in that reply. I guess that will teach me to be clever when I reply to someone who’s clearly too stupid to understand the subtleties of language. You threatened me by telling me to “keep my filthy mouth shut” and telling me “I’d better fucking watch” – THAT is a threat!
        Call the police, be my guest, you’ll see soon enough who they think is the real victim here.


      11. “Keep your filthy mouth shut” Where’s the threat? ” You better fucking watch” Where’s the threat? Calling me a stupid Irishman is racist in anyones language. Again! Stop this! I know you want the last word! You can have it. I don’t care. You are a narcissist and I’m not doing this playground conversation anymore. I really do have better things to do. So stop your garbage and move on.


      12. I don’t know why he makes it sound so negative. I just love the way you manipulate me: getting me to think about important stuff, making me laugh hysterically, the way you are all up in my head. I could go on. Manipulate me anytime gorgeous 😘


  1. “You are getting old. Get use to it. Mutton dressed as lamb”. Oh, low blow, very low. I had a very long relationship with a narcissist. In the end he drank himself to death but I still loved him. He wrote horrible things about me when he was drinking, I ignored them, all out of love of course :). He is gone now. I miss him. Ok, I was not perfect either. I like the “the best revenge is living a great life”. ❤

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    1. Yes it was low, I don’t know why he came on here all of a sudden objecting to that post I wrote about Twitter when I had spared him and not even mentioned his name or blog. It was ages ago, it was one post, it wasn’t nasty and now he comes out with all stupid accusations.
      Anyway, that’s such an interesting take, Holly. I don’t miss the narcissist at all although I used to, I used to be kind of “addicted” to him but I think in the end he went too far in his abuse for me to feel anything but revulsion and anger when I think of him.
      It’s funny because you seem to be reminiscing about it? I’m assuming it wasn’t *that* terrible a relationship then? Do tell me to mind my own business if you like lol

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  2. I agree with Wallace, the greatest revenge is living a joyful life. THAT SAID I also think the idea of forgiveness, moving on, all well and good but sometimes RIGHTING A WRONG is not such a bad thing because so often BAD PEOPLE get away with shit. Now if you can do that, and it doesn’t come back on you, if it doesn’t hurt you then I’d say, do it, but if it could or would then walk away and hope karma does the rest. I do believe in karma, that said, sometimes ASSHOLES get away with SHIT and that pisses me off because i’m not so friggin good that I’m down with some toe-rag being able to wank all over me and walk away scott free so I’m hearing what you are saying here and considering all avenues. Ultimately the legal rep knows what is best legally and should that be an issue, it’s one to seriously consider in terms of self interest and safety. Ultimately you’ll do the right thing because you do the right thing, either way I support it. Most of all I wonder, how the fuck can these cretins continue to haunt us so? Good people have that in common, the urge they have to forgive and let evil people destroy them. Fortunately strong people survive and YOU my girl you are one of them.

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    1. I’m not going to go to war. Shit would be splashed and some of it would end up on my face which is not something I want. Plus, that person is NOT WORTHY.
      I will NOT go up against a cowardly worm whom I could squash so INCREDIBLY easily.
      But, I HEAR you. There is definite temptation to get even because karma may always show up in the end but sometimes you want it to do its job RIGHT NOW and since it isn’t, you want to accelerate the process.
      There is definite virtue in “an eye for an eye” sometimes, DEFINITELY.
      That Cersei moment with the glass of wine when the Sept blows up, I TOTALLY see the merit of that as you know – SO satisfying.

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