Halloween Lover


So it is that soon I will rise again

I will come up

through the mud and dark earth

emerge in a damp cellar

dry flesh craving the touch

of an unwilling lover

will it be you that I caress

stroke with my ice-cold fingers

embrace for one fleeting moment

my frigid skin peeling, shredding

my eyes unseeing

your screams rising

in the raw glacial night

what a sorry plight

is yours, wretched victim

of my yearly Halloween yearning

*Repost from October 29th 2015

Image Credit: Beautiful Decay by jaded-ink @deviantart.com

35 thoughts on “Halloween Lover

      1. Well, too many people these days use emojis as replacement for words. In fact, I suspect some of them just don’t have the ability to express themselves using words so I guess emojis are a life saver (definitely have a couple of people in mind as I write this😈)

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    1. Yeah I know! I downloaded the lot and my MacBook went and died on me, didn’t it? So I went to my guy who’s a freaking computer genius and he asked me to leave it with him only then he said the hard drive was dying and he was going to save all my shit but I was like nooo, because well, I like the guy but don’t know him that well and consequently don’t trust him with all my data, so MacBook is out of order for now…so Hannibal has to wait

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      1. Shit I’d DropBox it to you but I don’t have a copy I only watched it via Netflix. I have some other stuff I can though so if you have a DropBox LMK the addy I’ll send you some music at least.


      1. Ah. Des lectures en commun. 🙂 Je l’ai lu aussi. Mais j’ai vérifié dans ma toute nouvelle bibliothèque. La morte amoureuse est de Théophile Gautier. 🙂


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