Dunham = Trump

Lena Dunham has called for the extinction of straight white men. Well, not “called for it” exactly, but she thinks it would be a good thing.

This is the woman who is supporting Hillary Clinton…and most likely doing more harm to the campaign than any of Hillary’s opponents ever could.

THIS is why I refuse to call myself a feminist, because of twisted women like Lena Dunham. Her and Amy Schumer…to borrow teenager’s speak: I can’t even.

Dunham and Schumer keep doing these photo shoots naked…or near enough, and I’m supposed to feel better about my body’s flaws because…there they are, showing their lumps and bumps. Well, nice try, but you’re not doing anything for me because I find your BRAINS repellent, so whatever your body looks like is totally irrelevant-the only point of having your “real” bodies out there is because you’re meant to be successful, intelligent and funny women…

But, you’re not funny, and you’re not as clever as you think you are.

I have such a problem with that aggressive, man-hating brand of feminism. I recently heard of a (gay) guy who calls himself a “feminist”…my first reaction was: WTAF…then I wanted to tell him to go educate himself, read some books, try to engage his brain a little, find some WORTHY causes.

I, as a woman, do NOT want your support, “feminist boy” because I am not a victim. I do not think the world is conspiring against me, and if it is, often enough other women are as responsible, if not more, than men. It’s PEOPLE who are the problem, not one entire gender. 

Why, as a man, would you call yourself a feminist? WHY? I’ll tell you why: because you have to have “causes” and what better and more fashionable ones to have than LGBTQ and feminism? You NEED to be a feminist and a LGBT advocate because the victimhood status is oxygen for people who have nothing else to offer the world, because that’s the ONLY way they’ll find validation.

Lena Dunham…what is the point of her? if I was a man I would be TERRIFIED to be “propositioned” by her. Because, you’d know that if you turned her down—for whatever reason—she’d publicly humiliate you and brand you shallow. 
“He didn’t want to fuck me, he clearly thinks I’m fat and ugly.”
No! Maybe, just MAYBE, he thinks you spew such vile bile that he’s worried his dick would rot if it got anywhere near you. And I cannot blame him.

The end of straight white men? Really? Donald Trump calls for Muslims to be banned in the US and the public boos and hisses. Meanwhile Miss Dunham wants the extinction of straight white men and nobody bats an eyelid because…she’s not a conservative: she’s a liberal, edgy, clever writer and comic.

Well, I’m sorry but no. I don’t identify with Dunham anymore than I identify with Trump. Frankly, I think they are both as repulsive as each other.

*My 5 minutes rant of the day*

19 thoughts on “Dunham = Trump

  1. your rant is your rant. good for you. I too do not like those kind of man haters either. They are getting recognition because they know how to work the media and people that sqauk it sqeek it ge the publicity. Hey all why not the straight white men… i know u said it.. those people you mention want to squak and judge not all straight white men are like that … and so trump wants to bring back the judeo christian values the county was founded on.. oh know I am on a rant sorry… speak your mind. thank you blessings

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  2. I call myself a feminist BUT I find rhetoric like hers obscene, as much as anything because imagine if we said all women who are straight and white should be killed? Or all black men should be killed? How is this different? Okay I’m guilty of being a man-hater on a bad day (usually Monday’s) whoops, but deep down I know that’s bull and I don’t really feel that way. Everyone is equal, we shouldn’t automatically assume the only person of worth is a lesbian with one arm from Zamba, it’s not about what is IN or what is accepted, when double standards exist the whole argument becomes invalid as you so rightly point out.

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      1. Yeah it’s when someone is a labotomized twat that you have to worry…. sometimes I think the reason I got into girls was because I had been burned by guys and felt ‘safer’ with a girl, or because of mommy issues, sometimes I wonder if it’s unhealthy and whether when people say we are ‘born’ gay etc that it’s even true. I wouldn’t say for me it was, but they demand we all agree it’s genetic but often I think it’s a choice or a way of coping with life.


  3. I’m not a feminist, I thought the bra burning man haters had evolved. I need to say based on what i read in the comments, Mr Trump is not championing a Judeo-christian America but rather a white Christian America. Just to state the facts. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Holly for stating the facts 😉
      I didn’t have you down as a feminist so no surprise there. I think feminism, as a movement, has hardened in the last 20 years (10 really) and could easily be compared to fanaticism sometimes. Ugh.

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  4. I call myself a feminist, but then I immediately feel the need to explain that I’m not one of “those” feminists… Which sucks. By definition, the goal of feminism is EQUAL rights, not degradation of men. This man-hating feminism of today is just horrible… And it makes no sense. It’s so childish, in a “the guy I like doesn’t like me back so I’m gonna call myself a feminist and tell everyone that I hate men” way. Plain stupid… It’s so easy to get a group of people to hate another group of people. And dangerous…

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  5. Ha! Ha! Well done. This reminded me of Susan Sontag in her time. Complaining about DWM (Dead White Males).
    There is enough hatred in the world to not add one. (Plus I belong to the LWM – Living White Male – category) 😉
    I also remember (did I comment that here?) that in the early 20th century some of my grandmother’s sisters and cousins wanted to be doctors. No way, they ended up nurses. To-day my eldest daughter is a doctor and quite happy to be. 🙂 I also remember when I was in Business “Préparatoire” and then later in Business school there was no more than 15% “girls”, sorry, women. Today, female-male ratio in french business schools is about 60-40. So the real “trick” is equality of opportunities. Bonne semaine.

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    1. Well, exactly. It sometimes amazes me that people want to constantly be offended, and to that end they will go to great lengths to find something to be offended about. Even if they have to dig deep-madness!
      Bonne semaine 🙂

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  6. This is exactly the kind of feminism I abhor, I am so glad SOMEBODY said it. Lena Dunham does not deserve to be one of the faces of feminism, because the cause was so much more and so many had suffered for it, for some woman to strip naked and call for the ‘banning’ of ‘straight white men’ to be advocating for it. Sure, there is not always equality for women in society but good GRIEF it is nothing like it was even a hundred years ago! I find Lena to be pretentious, presumptuous and completely naive about the world around her, like it exists only in her little bubble of a world.


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