Seeds of History


The various plants, flowers and trees across the field

Do you imagine they all originated from a single seed?

A rare, unique magical seed born from this soil you proudly call yours?

It is a foolish thought, as most of those different identities & species come from seeds brought by the winds from across the seas,

taking root in this new fertile ground, growing strong while transforming and enriching the land—

a land you now claim and wish to protect, with a short memory, and no knowledge of its—or your own—history.

You would have a wall, one tall enough to close yourself off

You would live in a warped ivory tower, muting the dismayed cries of your forefathers.

Walls made of steel, bricks or stone are meant for prisons and criminals

Walls bring forth the shadow of war

Inside walls, people grow slow, the air turns stale, minds become narrow and ideas—dreams—stagnate

Listen to the whispers carried by the breeze,

Look at the light from the east

Your ancestors, your brothers beseech

you to hear their plea and learn from History

*Thanks so much to W. who told me to stop fidgeting and type it out right now since it was evidently disturbing me greatly to wait till tomorrow*


17 thoughts on “Seeds of History

  1. I attended a funeral on armistice day and before the service we held the two minute silence. I stood there in a tiny church in a little village in the UK and I thought about Trump, the fact that someone like him is about to take over the White House. It was a chilling experience. I’m rambling I know but reading your piece this morning reminded me that we need to keep remembering . Great writing.

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    1. You’re not rambling at all, you’re expressing the feeling of many. There are those who choose to believe Trump “won’t be that bad”, that “it’s not the end of the world” but some of us can’t be reassured that easily.
      We need to keep remembering and we need to keep educating our children—here in Europe but in the States as well. With better education all round, Trump might not have won the election. Although the Liberals need to take a hard long look at themselves too. Oh, look, now *I*’m rambling 🙂

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    1. In a nutshell, yes. I couldn’t have put it better. We can’t give in to despair (although I was devastated last week by the result) so: hope for the best.
      But at the same time we can’t be stupid and hide our heads in the sand: Trump is a stupid, unqualified and dangerous man so: prepare for the worst.

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  2. Right? Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.
    A bit terrifying that most of the planet apparently seems to either disregard history a la (the Holocaust didn’t happen, the planet isn’t warming) or has another version. SIGH

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    1. It’s downright terrifying. I love History and it was always one of my favourite subjects at school then college and so on but even if it’s not your thing, you should know the basics. I was talking about “The Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas” once at work (a few years ago) and a girl there said to me: “but, that’s only a book, it’s only a story, those things didn’t happen, they didn’t have showers that killed people.” *Massive sigh*


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