Life’s not a competition


I pulled out the knife you stuck in my back and used it to cut you out of my life.

Tough luck, buster! — I survived.

Flipping the coin-it lands on its side-no need to ask why as I’ve grown wise.

Now you’re picking things up in the gutter, sitting on a barrel of gunpowder, disaster waiting just around the corner
and I’m reaching new heights—
dancing in sparkly showers, with the strength of a thousand suns illuminating my hours.

This other light? It derives from the diamonds
in my eyes & honesty, love, honour in my heart—absent words in the limited lexicon of a vampire.

Should have remembered: you never ever piss off a writer—we’re great at target-shooting and make the best snipers.

Life’s not a competition, but I’m winning—the oracle has spoken and make no mistake: it is all-knowing.

49 thoughts on “Life’s not a competition

      1. I am amazed at how you can look so sweet while flipping the bird. 😀 If by interesting you mean, makes you want to lick the computer, then yes. Though, I am quite sure you have some people wanting the same… 😛

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      2. Hahaha that’s hilarious! I love knowing that I can look sweet while flipping the bird 😂
        And yes, that’s what I meant by “interesting” but I’m pretty sure this little pic of mine won’t trigger “computer licking” like the ones I saw over on your blog today. Now those looked very, very tasty. Actually, just thinking about them now is making me feel…kinda funny 😜

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  1. I need a clearer shot of that middle finger, Nathalie. 👍🏽👌🏽😂 Come on, don’t be such a tease! It is true that the consequences of pissing off a writer are severe. Keep up the good work.

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    1. Lol I am not usually in the habit of showing the finger actually, hence why I don’t look fierce doing it 😁
      Yes, pissing off a writer is a bad idea as countless people have found to their chagrin over the many years 😜
      Thank you, lovely one—have a great Friday! 💜 xoxo

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    1. Haha believe it or not I don’t get pissed off easily. Not *really* pissed off anyway, so if someone has managed to get me to that point, it means they have totally crossed the line…and not just once but repeatedly…and then they’d better hide 😜

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  2. As everyone else said … I too relate to this and you know why. You really nailed this. I know we talk a lot about life not being a competition but people often ‘say’ things and carry on being the opposite. I would love to actually ask those who think life should be a competition WHY they do? And why they feel the need to foist that upon everyone else? And why competing is the answer for so many things? When it seems to rarely work? Would that it were possible to live in a world with LESS competition. Moving to America I got a culture shock as far as how competitive people can be. Idealistic or not, I’m with you N, I think there should be far less. Then people would not be able to manipulate at will.

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    1. Walking all over others to get what you want…that’s like acknowledged as being okay these days, isn’t it? Competition is healthy and normal and that culture in the US…it’s like you’re not normal if you DON’T want to get to the top. None of this is for me.


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