While the storm was raging, you led me to a safe haven, an oasis such as I didn’t know might still exist.

The evil that walks unchallenged through this world was absent. The sky was welcoming twilight with the blush of a young girl, naive and innocent. Tongues didn’t wag, nobody did brag, mediocrity was nowhere to be seen—reality not about to fall apart at the seams.

Serenity hung in the air, tangled limbs in the shade of a wise, indulgent tree, loud whispers—carried by a gentle breeze—echoing across the lake, traveling as far as the snow-capped mountains.
Waves of desire escaped us and joined their earth sisters softly calling from the water.

A page filled with lust followed by a chapter defined by trust—your priorities, faithful soldiers standing in the right order. Safe in your arms, your words balm for my weary heart.

Do you love me?

Yes, in this place you led me to, I do. And this place, is you.

*Before I clicked publish on this, I re-read my last post and I found the difference—in tone and essence—between it and this one even more shocking than I thought I would.

The previous post was inspired by someone who has all the depth and personality of a Kardashian, someone as empty as gigantic lunar craters are (presumably) someone cruel, ungrateful, manipulative and abusive—not to mention a pathological liar—and someone as f****d up as one can manage to be without being declared officially insane – someone without any redeeming qualities I can think of, now that my eyes are fully open.

This post is inspired by someone who is smart as a whip, cultured, the complete opposite of shallow, stable, honest, trustworthy and with a lovely heart.

What a difference various people can make to your life.

Mediocre has gone back to mediocre and smart is back in its own rank – a little bit of stability has been re-established in this world.

So many great things have happened to me in the last few months, in various areas of my life…and most of it isn’t even related to this one person having been cut out or a new person having come in…yet I can’t help but notice the correlation.

It’s the most important thing I’ve learnt this year: Wolves should not mix with sheep, Eagles cannot hang around with chicken—it might sound harsh but bitter experience has taught me that it is so.*

Image credit: Nois7 on Instagram

34 thoughts on “Oasis

  1. I’ve had to pick and choose also
    at first I was resistant just because it felt uncomfortable
    Than I saw another side
    Once I saw I could make my pain all by myself I was all in
    But it’s not just that
    I just didn’t want their pain too
    2 sickies don’t make a welly
    I desire happiness
    I’m better than just the pain
    I find comfort in this control
    As always Sheldon


  2. Lovely, Anais. Sometimes the contrast shows us how far we’ve come, the strength of our characters, and that love prevails if we believe ourselves loveable. I think it takes tremendous courage to love, and those who wield fear are ultimately cowards.

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    1. Thank you, it does take tremendous courage to love but there is no life lived fully without bravery.
      Love and bravery always prevail and our choices, and ultimately our lives, are what show the strength of our characters, far more than our abilities 🙂

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    1. Well, the particular case I was thinking of was that of an eagle fraternising with a chicken motivated by love and friendship…only this chicken is just a cowardly bird who hasn’t got the intelligence or the heart to embrace that friendship…and instead pecks, pecks until he draws blood – stupid, nasty chicken 😜

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  3. What a beautiful expression of love and trust. Here’s to being courageous, to moving forward and not looking back with regret, to cultivating the new, the strong and the healthy relationships, be they friends or lovers. 💜

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    1. Meg, what a lovely comment, thank you!
      I don’t “do” regrets, never have, never will. Anything I’ve ever done was motivated by love, so even if I’ve made bad decisions and they led to heartache for me…so what? It’s life, it’s a lesson learnt…it all led to who I am today. I don’t deny or try to obliterate my past and I don’t regret…because I believe in karma 🙂
      I also believe in being brave and living life to the fullest, I believe in embracing and cultivating strong and healthy relationships (be they friends or lovers 😊)
      Have a great Sunday! 💜

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  4. This is beautiful Nathalie! I agree that to be open to love, especially after being hurt, takes bravery. Its no wonder that love and live only differ by one letter. (Not in French, though 😋) Have a great Sunday!

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  5. The worthiest emotion is being able to look back upon something that was the total opposite to what you have now, and see how far you have come in understanding that what you thought was acceptable then, was not, and what you have discovered now, is the very opposite. That shows us we grow even when we think we are not growing. Your writing is alive – you speak to us as if you were whispering into our ears and infiltrating the deepest reaches of our soul.

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    1. Yes, exactly! I think you become so used to being treated like shit that you come to see it as normal and it’s only when it’s all over and you look back that you think: “what the actual fuck was I thinking letting this happen?!”


  6. Beautifully written… So great that you found such inspiration and special oasis … Even more keeping in mind the recent, previous experience….
    After the storm, comes the sun. 🌞 I loved the descriptions in the third paragraph, by the way… Wishing you well, dear Nathalie. 🌼

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  7. Love is all the good things you say, dear Purpleanais,
    So, because you know it, you will find it.
    I did. A pot of gold is not the only thing one might find at the end of a rainbow.
    You are a rainbow.

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