Electric Brights

Hush, I don’t want you to say a word
Je ne veux rien entendre à cette heure
my colours are running
The clock is ticking
while I’m fading
Kiss me deeply
Breathe life back into me
Fill me
with light
a sprinkle of spice
Hold true, hold fast—
as long as your heart
beats in time with mine
The tide will bring back
my electric brights

50 thoughts on “Electric Brights

      1. Lol! Kicked got autocorrected to licked on something I was writing yesterday and when the object to be kicked is an ass…whole different thing there! 😄
        And yes. Sometimes the need is great. 😏

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      2. Omg! I just remembered I had a dream about Gordon Ramsay!! Nothing really happened except for some flirting and he was much more…docile…in the dream. He had just said, “You coming?” In my dream and I answered back, “yes, I want to come,” emphasis on “come.” I think we were about to get it on…but I woke up, because that’s always how it is. 😄

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      3. Haha soooo funny! Why oh why did you have to wake up? I would have loved to hear about you and Gordon “at it” like beasts! 😂
        There’s no way he would have stayed “docile”.
        1. Because I don’t see that as his style at all.
        2. Because there’s no way you wouldn’t have driven him into a frenzy of lust. (I have complete faith in your “abilities”, girl 😜)

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    1. Jay, this was – in part – inspired by you. After talking to you yesterday, I did feel like “my colours were running, bleeding” and it made me determined to grab a big slice of life.
      I know you can’t see my heart but I hope you can feel it because I can feel yours. If only I had the power to breathe life back into someone…if only *sighs*

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  1. reading through the comments above i saw that you wrote this poem while still half-awake in the morning. the poem has a lot going on with the music and rhythm. and it’s interesting how sometimes these quick pieces can sometimes turn out better than things we spend weeks on.

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    1. Yes! Absolutely. I have found that my best pieces of writing are usually the ones that pretty much “write themselves”. I don’t know why that is and it doesn’t make that much sense but it is a fact.
      Thank you so much, I’m so pleased you enjoyed this 🙂


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