How many times have I heard that “we” were written in the stars?

And yet, as soon as it gets a little hard, pretenders—would-be partners—collapse and give up.

This is when I can’t help but wonder: which stars were they talking about, which ones did they mean?

The ones printed on wrapping paper?

The ones adorning the Christmas tree?

The ones drawn by a first grader?

My stars are the ones with light still reaching many years after they’ve died, precious light emerging from the past in the night sky.

Why should anyone obtain the key to my heart—hidden in a coffer in the highest tower—protected by numerous devoted guards, when they won’t even try to scale the walls of the castle?

Do not waste your time or mine with words empty of meaning, like flowers which bloom oh so brightly but briefly, only to wither and die at the first signs of frost.

It is not enough to want—you must need, commit and believe—to love

If you are not prepared to give as much as I would, I am afraid there is no place in my life for you.

*This simplistic little thing was partly inspired by an exchange of thoughts with the lovely and incredibly talented Mia although we were talking about actual—rather than burgeoning—relationships. I hope you don’t mind being associated with this, Mia. In any case, this is valid for friendships as well as relationships, and it’s dedicated to the precious people in my life who have scaled the walls of the castle effortlessly—seemingly without trying—because they truly believed*

Image credit: Nois7 on Instagram

22 thoughts on “Believe

  1. I’ve recently written about relationships, and it may not be something that you agree with. I think that both should scale the walls to get to one another, to do whatever is possible – and more – for their loved one. The part that I’m torn on is the analysis. I want the stardust, I want the whirlwind, I want the devotion, but sometimes there’s that discussion that appears almost clinical in nature. Perhaps it’s my immaturity, but I prefer to think of myself as a dreamer, who dreams that love is not bound by empty promises, but bound by mutual love and respect. Loved this post, Nathalie. ❤


  2. Love this. Pretty words and belief in “signs” are all well and good until there is a complication of some kind, then one sees how real such devotion really is.
    Another thought-provoking piece with a healthy dose of reality. Great work, Nat 😊

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  3. Nathalie, this is absolutely stunning and all so real. I’m in awe of the visuals that you’re able to create, “stars on wrapping paper”, “drawn by a first grader” just to mention a few, and my favorite, “won’t even try to scale the walls of the castle”.

    Perhaps there’s something in the air, I’ve been giving much thought to this idea lately as well. There’s a lot of time wasting going on, while some of us are digging through the debris looking for the one willing to charge the castle, and risk all to make it to the highest tower. Maybe I’m a sentimentalist, others may call me a fool, that’s alright, this is not a fickle game, it’s real life and the intent should be to play for keeps, both in friendships and relationships.

    I’m thrilled to be associated with your words, thank you! I have great admiration for you, your ability to inspire great thoughts along with your willingness to voice so many truths. Wonderful Nathalie, please continue to be thought-provoking and please never stop challenging arrested thinking.

    Wishing you a lovely evening, take good care. ~ Mia ❤

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    1. Oh, how very kind, Mia!
      You’re not a sentimentalist and you’re certainly not a fool; you’re just someone in possession of a fully working brain and heart. Life is all too short, why waste huge chunks of it on things and people who don’t share our values and beliefs? Is it so wrong to want things and life to have meaning? I definitely, as you say, play for keeps because otherwise there is no point to the game as far as I’m concerned.
      Thank you, once again, for your lovely kind words, you do spoil me!
      Wishing you a lovely Sunday, take care – Nathalie 💜

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      1. You’re most welcome Nathalie, thank you for a wonderful reply. Life is short, here’s to not wasting any time on the “pretenders”, obtaining the things we desire and finding as much meaning and truth in all that life has to offer. I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday too. ~ Mia ❤

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  4. No one should obtain the key to your heart, if they don’t know where their true heart is. Only therein will they find keys to many things, perhaps even their own true mind.
    Love comes, lust goes. Love remains, if there was any.
    You write beautiful poetry, and I love reading your work!

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  5. I remember when she said, “did you know that there are more stars than grains of sand on all the beaches?” We were young, end of summer, a clear night along a woodland path. The next day she went off to college. I think relationships differ in depth and they evolve, we evolve, so they may not stay the same. A flower may not last but the memory always will. To love believe in yourself and treasure that that you give. Sometimes it’s just the wrong star or they’re not aligned right or something. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I believe it can be the wrong stars or they’re not aligned right…but my point was that people shouldn’t lightly talk about stars or “fate” or “destiny” because they are important, meaningful words and shouldn’t be used if you’re not *really* feeling them 🙂

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  6. ‘My stars are the ones with light still reaching many years after they’ve died, precious light emerging from the past in the night sky.’ I ❤️ this line… It is a perfect picture of you so very precious heart and timeless soul. Adore all of this and YOU! ❤️❤️❤️


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