30 thoughts on “Exactly

    1. If you fall in love, you become mortal, I can’t be held responsible for that! Not that you’re likely to fall in love with me anyway, but if you did, I wouldn’t be complaining about that too much ❀

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    2. Peter Jackson did an amazing job, they are my favourite films ever πŸ’œ
      You are far too kind, especially about the singing voice (laughing so hard at that!) but if I ever had to take on a role, it would have been that one πŸ˜‰
      BUT, it must be said: Liv Tyler was PERFECT! 😍

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  1. There were two roles made for Liv. The Lord of the Rings and Stealing Beauty. My fave of the trilogy is Return of the King. Who would’ve thought that among the violence and carnage such a romance would bloom? And you’ve picked two amazing clips to describe who you are. I would expect no less. ❀

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    1. I agree. I loved Stealing Beauty but also One Night at McCool’s – did you see that one? Great film.
      My fav of the trilogy is The Fellowship, the very first one…but The Return of The King is my second favourite.
      As for the rest, I do actually believe the clips describe me perfectly: the first one because I will fight to the death for someone I love and for anyone I believe is worth it…or for the right cause…or the left behind, the forgotten, the ones hurt and in pain…lol that’s quite a program but that’s me πŸ˜‰ …and I will feel their pain and want to alleviate it by any means possible and it will break my heart.
      Also, the second clip because LOVE, deep and profound and everything it should be. Special and built over years, it’s all about being selective and waiting for the right person πŸ’œ

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      1. Yes, it is about waiting for the right one. I think that youthful anticipation clouds that a bit, and it’s one of the reasons for disillusionment. Well, I know my Elven Queen is not only beautiful, but wise as well. πŸ’— I’m sure that you will find your Aragorn, if you haven’t already. πŸŽ‡


      1. Lol! I was going to write a bunch of stuff about how I will stand up for others but seem to shrink from conflict to stand up for myself… but left it at possibly. 😁


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