No sorries



he picked up
the load
without complaint
or sorrowful
heart battered
and yet
finding joy
in small moments
& cupping them in hands
birds tweeting at dawn
feathers left on a lawn
in eyes and mind
hundreds of photos
many memories
in monochrome tones

he finds
underneath the snow
and the layer of cold
small green stalks
somehow life grows
such are days
& nights spent on a quest
doing his best
with what was given
and taken
and in the end
no sorries
too humble
to know
he’s a hero
I see him now
shaking his head no

no sorries
for him
and I promise
there’ll be none
for me
as his example
I shall follow
till I reach
the end of my own road

*For a quiet Hero ❤ *

Image Credit: M.Waters05

42 thoughts on “No sorries

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  2. How beautiful is the person you have depicted in your prose. One who is gallant, humble, full of grace, proud, and dignified. And, like D. Wallace Peach, I would like to live and die with such grace. Beautiful written.

    Liked by 1 person

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