Everything that would have



you showed me your world
so different than mine
we walked for miles
under a sky much bigger
than I could ever
have dreamed
branches creaking
under the weight of snow
silence broken by sounds
of life slowed to a crawl

we went inside
my cheeks flushed from wonder
and the cold
we had a couple of whiskey
shots while you told me stories
some sad
others brought a twinkle to your eyes
I listened while your heart
was lying in the palm
of your hand
I cried a little
I laughed a lot more

of course then I didn’t know
I was the proverbial squirrel
putting it all away for a winter
still waiting in the future
one that would be harsher
than either of us could ever imagine

I reminisce about
the moments
that never took place
the memories
we never made
everything that would have
if we’d only had more time

*I over indulged Christmas Eve and again yesterday – too much alcohol, too little sleep and by 11.30pm last night, listening to the voice of my brave and so special friend in the US, I found myself breaking down and getting v.emotional. Then, straight on top of that, the news about George Michael…it was time to retreat inside my shell to process it all. Still feeling fragile today, I think I’m going to keep myself to myself for the rest of the day.*

24 thoughts on “Everything that would have

      1. I’m glad you’re okay. A little time to recharge is a necessity sometimes. My Christmas was great, thanks. I hope yours was too! 😘

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