Not him

I was told just before midnight last night that George Michael had died. My first reaction was: “no, not George. No.”
There was a long hug from the person who told me, tears on my part and disbelief. It was far, far too early for him to be leaving us.

From the heady days of Wham, to George going it alone, there are so many songs of his which have featured on the soundtrack of my life.
His voice made me melt because it dripped with emotion.
This is what I’m about: book, film, art in all its forms and music…it has to make me feel.

I can readily admit that “Careless Whispers” is not on the face of it a marvel. The lyrics and musical arrangements could be described as banal…even cheesy. But the emotion George injected into that song made it unforgettable from the moment I first heard it. I still know all the words to it, like so many other people out there.

“I want your sex”, “Faith”, the performances with Queen and Elton John, I feel like a huge chunk of my life has been covered by a dark veil all of sudden.

George Michael could have sung about pretty much anything and I would have listened with misty eyes and a raised heartbeat.
The man’s amazing, unique voice, coupled with his songwriting abilities made him very, very special to me.

Now he’s gone and I haven’t been this upset about a “celebrity death” since Alan Rickman passed away back in January.
2016 has been so harsh, it’s taken too much and too many. Can we please be done with this hecatomb now.

25 thoughts on “Not him

  1. It saddens me to think that certain things in our lives
    That we want to stay constant leave
    These are the ties that bind us
    There are the memories now
    To love is hold how them dear
    As always Sheldon


      1. It gave me pause, too. He’s only a few years older than me… It makes your world so much smaller when your contemporaries begin to go. Take care, Nathalie and let’s hope for a better next year. 💜

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  2. I was sad too. It is tragic what drugs do to a person. He did not seem very happy. I was reading that his lungs were especially weak because he had pneumonia a few years ago. He was told not to smoke but kept it up. He had a beautiful voice. Rest in peace George.

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