True North II

The lawyer assumes – from a blurry drunken pic – that he is meeting up later with Santa’s little slut – (his eloquent and elegant words)

Christmas evening, very late in the day, he ends up with wrecked empath instead…much less fun

but the lawyer-his disappointment-he swallows

and tells the writer he understands

the change of plan

her need to be alone

since she wears other people’s pains like coats

the weight piling up until the inevitable stumble

the lawyer—bless him—gets it all

even the bit about George Michael

does she need any more proof she has found her true north

34 thoughts on “True North II

  1. A sympathetic soul are you, Nathalie. You care for others deeply and do wear their sadness at times, and one of the reasons why I find you completely endearing. Now, for a little light hearted distraction…. I find your photo wonderful (as always), but this time for the geometric contrast of the straightness of your walls juxtaposed with the curvature of your delightful posterior! 😘

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      1. I had a wonderful Christmas Nathalie.
        Thank you for asking. 🎄🎄🎄
        How was yours?
        Where there any French traditions included?

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  2. That’s awesome, Nathalie. You know when he understands your heart, and graciously gives you what you need even at the expense of his penis 😉, he is a good man. I’m really happy for you. And you are super hot! 😉😘

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      1. I just speak the truth! 😀 Yes, don’t let this one go. 😘😋 And I’m sure you more than made it up to his penis. 😉

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      1. Hell I would have tried it on with George, then again … he might have had some diseases from that cottaging milarky he was fond of. Seriously though it’s a sad day when someone so marvelous is ridiculed and then everyone says boo hoo when he dies. People ought to be there for the person WHEN THEY ARE ALIVE, remember Fine Young Cannibals? I totally had a crush on the lead singer, ha ha those were the days.

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  3. “Santa’s little slut”. Qu’en termes (peu) gallants ces chose-là sont dites…
    Having said that maybe you could leave (some of) other people’s coats (I mean pain) in the closet.
    (No pun intended or not about George Michael. he was a great artist. And that is all that matters)
    Bon. Ça va un peu mieux? Votre intensité, chère amie, est un de vos atouts, mais m’inquiète un peu parfois… 🙂

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    1. Mon intensité m’inquiète aussi parfois 😉
      On ne peut se changer, on peut juste essayer d’atténuer ses fautes…ce que je fait. Quelqu’un m’a dit il n’y a pas longtemps, l’intensité fait de bons écrivains (ou artistes) mais pas des gens heureux…j’ai trouvé ça très vrai.

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